A Theological Contrivance?

I have just demonstrated how evolution, as a purely contingent process, does not threaten or undermine the sovereignty of God. Among an infinite number of possible realities that God could have brought into existence, God chose this one. And even if this reality has a history exactly as described by Richard Dawkins or Stephen Jay Gould, it would not matter as God, standing outside of time and space, would know the outcome of this contingent process.

The twist that I add to this story is this – the reason why God chose to actualize this particular reality among all the possible alternatives is precisely because of us. We exist, and can only exist, in this reality. So, from the scientific perspective, which is limited by our own limitations, it would appear as if we came into existence by chance. But from God’s perspective, our coming into existence was inevitable.

Yet I suspect there are people, both atheists and Christians, who perceive this argument as a theological contrivance designed precisely to make peace with the science of neo-Darwinian evolution. So let me next demonstrate that this perspective exists completely independent of any consideration of neo-Darwinian evolution.

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