The Missing Poof

Since the contingency of evolution poses no threat to Christian faith, perhaps we can move to another problem. What about the fact that for most of history, human beings did not exist? As one person commented, “it makes no sense to imagine that an all-powerful God would need to devise this vast universal Rube Goldberg contrivance for the sake of creating life, rather than just doing it in one fell swoop of His mighty hand.”

Before engaging this form of criticism directly, let’s pause and consider that a literal reading of Genesis, as a Young Earth Creationist might have it, doesn’t truly answer this question. For even according to a literal reading, God brought various aspects of Creation into existence before Man was created. So instead of wasting time on days 1-5, only to create humanity on day 6, why not simply bring it all into existence in a blink of an eye? One might say that it makes no sense to create over 6 days when it could be done in one fell swoop.

Of course, the difference between 13+ billion years and six days is immensely large. But it is a quantitative difference, not a qualitative difference.

However one reads Genesis, the act of bringing us into existence was stretched out over time.

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