How does He see us?

While I certainly cannot claim to know the mind of God, I sometimes wonder how God sees us.  A key point to keep in mind is that God transcends our space-time reality, yet we exist within time.  This would mean that at this very moment, not only does God see me typing away, God also sees me in my mother’s womb, he sees me when I graduated high school, and sees me at the moment of my death.  It’s all there before him.  What might this be like?  Let me offer a crude analogy.

Perhaps you can recall a time when you were out in Nature and took in a sight like the one shown below:

Notice I said “took in.”  When we see something like this, we do more than see.  We experience all of Nature as a whole.  It comes to us in its entirety and can even overwhelm us.  Yet if we so choose, we can focus on something.  Perhaps we focus on the road.  A particular mountain.  A cloud.  We see it all and see something at the same time.

Well, maybe that is how God sees us.  An entire life laid out before him.  And while God can “take it in,” He likewise can focus on any aspect of our life.  And in doing so, we might experience his presence.  In other words, God can see us as a whole, and in the moment, at the same time.

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One Response to How does He see us?

  1. DATCG says:

    Kinda like focusing in on “He does He see us?” 😉

    I understand why so many fall in love with nature. The creation is marvelous and your description is aptly stated.

    I’ll never forget a trip out of the concrete jungles to nature for two weeks alone except for a few days with friends here and there along the way.

    After a week, my nature, my being came to rest, at peace with “the whole” and stopped focusing on specifics of human entanglements and urbane importance.

    I’d promised myself to go back on trips like this again, but failed in my promise to myself. Back into the concrete jungles, so severe, lifeless, cold, calculating, self-centered, hurried… to remain at peace in a large city is to learn a valuable secret.

    Seeing how Yeshua himself sought peace in the hills away from people is a valuable reminder as well, that one must step out of the hustle-bustle into the “Whole Image” of G_d and to leave behind our fallen men’s world of babylon.

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