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Resurrection Objections

Over at the blog, Thinking Christian, three objections to the resurrection of Jesus are raised and answered. I thought I would offer up my own responses:

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How to be Boring and Angry at the Same Time

Here is PZ Myer’s speech to the “Reason Rally.” Feel free to watch it if you want.  But word of warning.  If you play it in the background, use caution while operating machinery or heavy equipment.  It’s really that boring. 

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New Atheists and atheists

I think it is important to distinguish atheists from New Atheists (who call themselves Gnus).  Atheist literally means “without God.”  In my book, an atheist is someone who does not believe God exists and then lives their life as if … Continue reading

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Gnu Reason on Display

Atheist activist Jerry Coyne insists there can be no common ground between religious people and atheists: Of course, it’s not at all clear what sort of common ground there can be here: it’s a clash between two completely different worldviews: … Continue reading

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Dawkins: Mock them. Ridicule them! In public.

Here is Dawkin’s speech at the Reason Rally. Early on, Dawkins asks who could be opposed to a reason rally?  Not me.  The problem is that the New Atheist movement has no monopoly on reason.  On the contrary, there are … Continue reading

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Another New Atheist Endorses God-of-the-Gaps

We have seen that Victor Stenger’s case for atheism is built on the god-of-the-gaps argument.  Yet Victor Stenger also dismisses arguments because they are god-of-the-gaps arguments.  How does one explain this core inconsistency? The problem is made worse in that … Continue reading

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Demonstrating the Non-existence of God with the Stenger Method

More and more leaders in the scientific community have uncovered the non-existence of god. This scientific conclusion has been reviewed by evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins[1], neuroscientist Sam Harris[2], physicist Victor Stenger[3], evolutionary biologist Jerry Coyne, [4] and developmental biologist PZ … Continue reading

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New Atheist Doesn’t Understand Science

Victor Stenger has written an article for the New Scientist making the misguided argument that science can determine whether or not God exists.  He begins it as follows: THE party line among scientists – believers and nonbelievers alike – is … Continue reading

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I Need Evidence

Richard Dawkins website has a page where they post hate mail that supposedly comes from angry Christians.  Yet despite the way the Gnus posture as if they place such high value on evidence, the page offers not the slightest shred … Continue reading

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Victor Stenger: Threatiness Gone Wild

Recently, Jerry Coyne seemed rather excited and enthused by a blog essay written by Victor Stenger (“Physicist, PhD, bestselling author”) entitled, “The Fall of Foolish Faith.”  So I had to check it out. Stenger’s whole thesis is rooted in sensationalistic, … Continue reading

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