Demonstrating the Non-existence of God with the Stenger Method

More and more leaders in the scientific community have uncovered the non-existence of god. This scientific conclusion has been reviewed by evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins[1], neuroscientist Sam Harris[2], physicist Victor Stenger[3], evolutionary biologist Jerry Coyne, [4] and developmental biologist PZ Myers[5]. However, a literature search uncomfortably shows that none of these scientists have ever conducted a single experiment to detect the existence of god. Given that it is essential the scientific community rid the world of irrational, deleterious god-belief, I have sought to rectify this situation and provide these leading scientists with the data they clearly need.

Stenger has recently outlined a novel method to detect God

If a properly controlled experiment were to come up with an observation that cannot be explained by natural means, then science would have to take seriously the possibility of a world beyond matter.

This Stenger Method was used to analyze water in its liquid state and the results clearly show god-belief to be delusional.


Two sterile glasses were filled with 200 ml deionized water. While invoking all possible gods, the researcher prayed that one glass of water would be turned into wine. It was made clear to the putative deities that their existence was being tested. The recited prayer read as follows:

Calling all gods, unicorns, flying spaghetti monsters, and other possible magical beings. You are hereby being challenged in the Name of Science to prove your existence within 24 hours by changing one of these glasses of water into wine. These data will be shared with the world and your reputation and existence is at stake. Please respond. Amen.

The glasses were then put into a safe recently purchased from WalMart. After 24 hours, the safe was opened and the glasses were inspected visually and chemically.


As can be seen from Figure 1, while one glass was prayed over, and the other was shunned, both glasses contain a clear water-like liquid. The contents of both glasses were then tested with the chemoreceptors in the researcher’s oral and nasal cavities. No wine was detected.

Figure 1. Glasses tested for divine intervention. Note the lack of differences in the experimental and control groups.


Religion is the root of all evil. As many leading scientists have shown, the best way to eliminate this plague is to use the power of the scientific method to demonstrate that god does not exist. This study represents the first experiment that directly tests for the existence of god. Previous studies have tested for the efficacy of prayer in a clinical setting[6], but these studies were flawed in not making it clear to the putative deities that their existence was being called into question.

The failure to turn water into wine (Figure 1) can only be explained by the non-existence of deities, as deities, by definition, should have been able to meet this scientific test. No further testing is required as Science, through the use of the Stenger Method, has now falsified god.

Acknowledgements: I would like to acknowledge the New Atheist leaders who have been trailblazers in using science to discredit god-belief.  Victor Stenger is especially acknowledged for all his hard work in coming up with the revolutionary Stenger Method. This study would not have been possible without all their hard work as I stand on the shoulders of giants. 

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  1. Starbuck says:

    Damn you null hypothesis

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