Gnu Reason on Display

Atheist activist Jerry Coyne insists there can be no common ground between religious people and atheists:

Of course, it’s not at all clear what sort of common ground there can be here: it’s a clash between two completely different worldviews: one based on evidence and reason, the other on dogma, superstition, and revelation.

Given that the Gnu movement is supposed to base their views on evidence and reason, how would such a movement of enlightened people respond when confronted with the fact that one of the leaders in the Gnu movement expects science to incorporate the god of the gaps argument?

Well, there is no need to guess, as below the fold are reactions to my observations from three different Gnus.

Here is the world view “based on reason and evidence” at work:

If you’re gonna take a Christard’s word for that over that of a well-known competent physicist then you’re a goddamn dumbass. – NukeThePope

It’ pretty obvious, then, that neither of you dumbasses understand how the god-of-the-gaps argument works. Protip: “proof by repeated loud assertion” only works on the poor deluded folk who have Jeebus’ cock up their ignorant asses. – NukeThePope


none of this changes the fact that the source you presented is an abysmal pile of unsubstantiated goat droppings. be objective and find a source that doesn’t have an agenda. – Fly_Squatter


the rest of it is just too stupid to comment, except to say that you have little clue what science is. – Ageofreasonxxi

It looks like Dawkins, Myers, Stenger, and Coyne teach their followers well.

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