Resurrection Objections

Over at the blog, Thinking Christian, three objections to the resurrection of Jesus are raised and answered. I thought I would offer up my own responses:

Objection 1. Science shows us that dead people stay dead.

This is irrelevant, as I have shown.

Objection 2. A resurrection is so improbable, no matter what evidence you give for it, any other explanation for the resurrection accounts is more likely than Jesus’ rising from the dead.

Then the issue is not about “the evidence.” As for the whole idea of the resurrection being least likely, that’s nothing more than a subjective opinion.

Objection 3. The resurrection is a fable, just like the rest of the Bible.

Nah. If the resurrection account was a fable, it would look more like one. Something along the lines of Jesus appearing to Peter first and re-gathering the disciples in order to pay a visit to the Sanhedrin, then Pilate, for some pay-back time. Now that would be quite the fable.

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