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Are non-religious societies sustainable?

When talking about non-religious nations, we tend to think of European nations like Denmark.  But perhaps the most non-religious nation in the world is Japan. A survey conducted by Asahi Shimbun in 1995 asked national voters in which religion they … Continue reading

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A spiritualistic, secular society

In a previous post, Crude noted One thing I’ve learned to watch out for is the atheism naturalism materialism shell game. Take Denmark. I’ll now and then hear Denmark described as a very atheistic country, which is possible. The problem … Continue reading

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Wishful Thinking

Gnus like to laugh at Christian beliefs, but they too hope for paradise and immortality.  They just actually believe they can do it themselves. From Jerry Coyne’s scholarly colleague and ally: But what is likely, indeed certain, if we keep … Continue reading

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Gnu Bullies Christian Kids at High School Journalism convention

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The Gnu Smear Machine

I’m am not surprised that Gnu activist Jerry Coyne, after series of taunting postings, has continued to ignore Bart Ehrman’s lengthy reply to Richard Carrier.   Coyne, Carrier, and the hordes from the Gnu community publicly called Dr. Ehrman’s competence and … Continue reading

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News from Gnutopia

Another rather lazy assumption was dynamited later in the day by David Voas, the sociologist behind the informative British Religion in Numbers. He showed us any number of graphs showing a steady falling off of religious belief in England over … Continue reading

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The Aristotle of Mytherism

When Jerry Coyne was promoting myther Richard Carrier as “an expert on history and a Biblical scholar,” he overlooked the fact that Carrier considers himself quite the expert at philosophy too. Here is quote of Carrier describing himself: Wood yet … Continue reading

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Dr Myers and His Amazing Brain

Someone sent me this and thought I would enjoy it. They were right. It’s actually quite hilarious. Fast forward to 11:50 and make sure you are not drinking anything for the next minute.

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Gnus attack academia

If you ask me, it looks like the Gnus have launched a smear campaign against a mainstream scholar.  On March 20, 2012, scholar Bart Ehrman published a short piece on Huffington Post that had the temerity to defend the scholarly … Continue reading

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Gnu Nutters (or is it Gnutters?)

Remember when Jerry Coyne promoted the internet atheist Richard Carrier (a man who labels himself “renowned” and brags he has “avid fans” across the globe) as “an expert on history and a Biblical scholar?”  Well, a real expert on history … Continue reading

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