Coyne Bans Another

Ever wonder why the busy comments section of Coyne’s blog is just an echo chamber?
Wonder no more:

Piqued by our interaction on the Prospect article, poor old Jerry Coyne bought Questions of Truth and then tried to take pot-shots from his blog (and here, here, here). Of course he could only do this by taking responses completely out of context, thus making himself look rather stupid/dishonest. Eventually he resorted to blocking my comments since he was hopelessly losing the argument.

I’ve long noticed that Gnu atheists like to ban speech they disagree with.

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10 Responses to Coyne Bans Another

  1. Bilbo says:

    I’m not positive, but I think I was banned from Jerry Coyne’s blog. On the other hand, UD recently purged a lot of commenters for not passing their “moon or no moon” test. And well, there was TT….

  2. eveysolara says:

    Recently I saw you Calling for the banning of someone over at biologos

  3. Bilbo says:

    Yes, I think melanogaster was posting with the sole intention of slinging unsupported nasty accusations at Behe. If he had been willing to support his accusations I wouldn’t have called for his banning.

  4. Bilbo says:

    Thanks, evey. I didn’t realize that melano had responded. I just posted a response.

  5. Michael says:

    I’m not positive, but I think I was banned from Jerry Coyne’s blog. On the other hand, UD recently purged a lot of commenters for not passing their “moon or no moon” test.

    Small potatoes compared to the purge that happened at Dawkins forum. Anyway, I rarely read UD, but when I have, I noticed several dissenting voices in the comments section. Contrast that to Coyne’s blog, where dissent almost never exists.

    Look, let’s just put it this way. When it comes to tolerating dissenting viewpoints, Coyne’s blog is no better than UD,

  6. eveysolara says:

    Bilbo I thought you didn’t believe in banning critics. Looks like everyone has their reasons…

  7. Bilbo says:

    Coyn’ts blog is probably a lot worse than UD, but as evey just pointed out to me, most of us live in glass houses.

  8. Bilbo says:

    Coyne’s. (Coyn’ts?)

  9. djockovic says:

    Coyne appears to block everyone who disagrees if they post more than a few comments.

  10. Elaine Wood says:

    Jerry tends to ban for all sorts of reasons. I got banned from his site a couple of years ago for dissenting from one of his WEIT posts contending that the cartoonist Gerald Scaife was obviously a raging anti-Semite due to the obviously Der Sturmer-like caricature Scaife drew of Bibi Netanyahu. I pointed out that all of Scaife’s work tends to look like that–he’s a poor man’s Ralph Steadman–be the subject gentile or Jew. Jerry’s quite thin skinned, oddly enough for an atheist, about anything to do with Judaism, so my post was thrown out into the outer darkness, complete with quite a nasty personal email from good old Jerry. yes, the place is an echo chamber–but so is just about every other gnu blog with a comment section I’ve come across.

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