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PZ Digs the Hole Deeper

PZ Myers tried to do some damage control concerning the whole A+ fiasco. He was asked, “Can someone explain to me what is A+?” Given all the drama, you might expect this to be a softball question.  Guess again.  PZ … Continue reading

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Edward Wilson Speaks about Dawkins

Check this out: “Would you like to talk about Dawkins?” he continues – and when I say yes, he laughs. “I hesitate to do this because he’s such a popular guy, but Dawkins is not a scientist. He’s a writer on science and … Continue reading

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Camp Quest

There was a news story on Camp Quest a few days ago. The secular sleepaway camp rents the area from a Christian camp, so camp officials cover any signs saying “Lord” or “God” with masking tape, and replace those words … Continue reading

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Did NASA Once Pander to the Religious?

Did NASA engage in a secret conspiracy to pander to religious people by making astronauts read from the Bible?  Jerry Coyne seems to think so.  He used something Dawkins heard in order to vindicate their fellow Gnu atheist, Madalyn Murray … Continue reading

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More on the Gnu Wars

The Gnu wars continue on. Here you can read Thunderf00t take after Richard Carrier and highlight the uncomfortable fact that Carrier will be speaking at a convention for Madalyn Murray O’Hair’s group without first making sure O’Hair’s group will add … Continue reading

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A Toxic Brew

Have you ever heard of Ilia Ivanov?  No?  Well, after this posting, you probably won’t forget him. He was a Russian biologist who, in the mid 1920s, received funding from the Soviet government to carry out a highly bizarre experiment. … Continue reading

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Those pesky accomodationists

As we know, the New Atheists do not like “accomodationists.”  The problem is that accomodationists do not come down hard enough on religion.  By failing to recognize just how dangerous and bad religion is, the accomodationists are considered part of … Continue reading

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It’s Official: Madalyn Murray O’Hair was a New Atheist

Some people reject the notion that Madalyn Murray O’Hair should be considered part of the New Atheist movement.  I’m not sure why.  The Gnu leaders and O’Hair have the same arguments, the same tactics, and the same goals.  The only … Continue reading

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Haven’t we heard this before?

Let’s start with a quote.  Scientific atheists believed that their technological and scientific successes would obviously disprove the validity of religion because the two are fundamentally in opposition. What if I were to tell you this comes from a scholar … Continue reading

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A+: Purge or Publicity Stunt

Here are some excerpts from another promo article for “atheism+” Any community, new or old, has its tensions, and in the past year the atheist/sceptical community has been rocked by a divisive and increasingly bad-tempered debate over sexism and, more … Continue reading

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