There they go again

Gnu atheists like to brag about their superior reasoning skills and their strict adherence to the evidence.  Yet despite such posturing, they can never seem to agree on anything apart from their hatred of religion. Case in point – the latest nasty fight between PZ Myers and Sam Harris.  Now, I have not researched their mud-slinging in much detail, but it looks like Myers has gone nuclear and accused Harris of being a racist.  Harris has replied.

He notes that Myers is unscrupulous.

If my daughter one day reads in my obituary that her father “was persistently dogged by charges of racism and bigotry,” unscrupulous people like PZ Myers will be to blame.

He notes that Myers has destroyed his own intellectual integrity:

It is difficult to overlook the role that blog comments play in all this. Having a blog and building a large community of readers can destroy a person’s intellectual integrity—as appears to have happened in the case of PZ Myers.

He notes that Myers is consciously propagating misinformation:

The most despicable claims about me appear in the comment thread, of course, but Myers is responsible for publishing them. And so I hold him responsible for circulating and amplifying some of the worst distortions of my views found on the Internet.

Myers replies by trying to turn it into some type of popularity contest:

Let’s complete the total sellout. Since I am now a notorious and unscrupulous opponent of all that is Sam, I will turn it over to you: there is currently a competition to raise money for Camp Quest. I’m falling far behind. If you think I’m on the side of Goodness and Righteousness, donate to Team PZ’s Revenge. If you think I’m full of it and adore Sam Harris, donate to Team Awful Re-defeat PZ, that gang of 13 bloggers (we’re all evil!) who have teamed up to conquer sad, lonely, isolated me.

Sam could really teach me a lesson by making a big donation to Team Awful. A good trouncing would show everyone how pathetic my influence actually is.

Okay, so back on 7/12, two teams of internet Gnus have been trying to raise $37,784 to send kids to an atheist camp.  Myers, who often brags about having millions of readers, has succeeded in raising a whopping $1,520 over the last month. 

Silly gnus.

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6 Responses to There they go again

  1. Crude says:

    Myers, who often brags about having millions of readers, has succeeded in raising a whopping $1,520 over the last month.

    In Myers’ defense, he may well have millions of readers. It’s just that Cultists of Gnu aren’t know for their charity. 😉

  2. The Deuce says:

    But as Sam Harris has assured us, the world would be a far more harmonious, peaceful, tolerant place without faith, and with all our moral decision-making being done for us by atheistic scientists… like PZ Myers.

  3. Toby says:

    ” It’s just that Cultists of Gnu aren’t know for their charity.”

    Can’t be surprised with that. When was charity a major virtue among militant atheists?

    Even the “charity” program started by Dawkins was not motivated by love, but the selfish goal of proving that atheists can compete with Christians when it comes to donating to charity.

  4. Apollyon says:

    Hilarious. Looks like the socially-lacking atheists are at it again…I suppose when you believe in nothing, then the only thing that matters is ego…and we see it on display here.

    The complete lack of charity from the atheist followers is predictable…

  5. It seems that PZ Myers is the culmination of the unification of Gnu Atheism and left-liberal viewpoints. Perhaps the latter is what gives him extra leverage in the online world – it’s ridiculously easy to bash other people with shaming words such as “sexist, misogynist, racist,”, etc.

    And it turns out that we have needed only what – 4 years before threats of a Great Schism(s) loom over the community? When will they start excommunicating and burning heretics?

  6. stcordova says:

    Paul Gross pretty much predicted the schism between left wing atheists and the rest of the atheists. His book Higher Superstition was prophetic where he described the anti-rationalism of the left in the Universities. He cited the influence of the radical femminists. Recall that the whole Elevatorgate thing between Dawkins and Watson involved the radical femminists. Gross was surprisingly spot on.

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