PZ Myers – Shepherd of Internet Trolls

It looks like some atheists have been discovering something that many of us theists have known for years – the nature of PZ Myers. Earlier, we saw that Sam Harris has publicly accused PZ Myers of being unscrupulous, without intellectual integrity, and one who willingly propagates misinformation. Sam Harris said this.

I forgot to add that Harris also describes PZ as the “shepherd of Internet trolls.”

But Harris is not the only atheist who, from experience, has this impression of Myers.

Here is what John Loftus has to say:

PZ says he wished atheists wouldn’t say these things. But even if we grant she said what he claimed she did, he would be the very last atheist on earth to care what Christians think of atheists. He regularly pillories them as well, without a care about them as real human beings. The way he attacks people he disagrees with is just as if they are not human beings, and it doesn’t matter who he attacks or for what minor infraction he finds them wrong. I find that absolutely appalling and unbecoming of the reasoned ethical neo-humaninsm I embrace.

I now consider PZ Myers to be a scourge upon atheism. He’s a divisive, uncaring, mean-spirited, power hungry, greedy person. If you wonder why atheism is in disarray at the present moment it’s largely because of him.

Loftus also quotes another atheist blogger, John Drapper:

According to PZ you either agree with him or you are the scum of the earth. If anyone is giving atheists a bad reputation it’s PZ – he shows no tolerance or respect for anyone other than himself.


Other bloggers are not so tolerant with the worst offender being PZ Myers. He is arrogant, smug, unwilling to listen, juvenile and worst of all intolerant. I am embarrassed to say that he is also an atheist but I am not the only one to think like this

Sounds like the PZ Myers I know.

All of this is actually quite pathetic, if you think about it. For years and years, Myers has vomited on various Christians, mocking them and twisting their words while Harris-type and Loftus-type atheists have cheered and helped to make Myers more popular during all this time. But now that he has turned the very same approach on them and their allies, they finally decide to speak out. That makes me skeptical of their criticisms of Myers as being rooted in principle. I suspect in a year or two, they’ll be aggressively defending Myers if a) his malicious attacks are aimed at someone religious and b) it is seen as something that serves their Gnu cause.

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2 Responses to PZ Myers – Shepherd of Internet Trolls

  1. apollyon911 says:

    I agree with your analysis as to the motivation of Harris et al. Their ‘concern’ for his belligerence only materialized when he disagreed with them (in typical style). I find ‘ethical’ atheists to be ethical theoretically but not practically (there is no motivation to ethical if it isn’t in one’s interests).

    Sounds like they simply got bitten by the beast…

  2. Crude says:

    Yeah, agreed on the analysis. PZ Myers’ character was known well before all this. If it took Myers attacking atheists for them to realize he’s a jackass, so much the worse for them.

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