A New Wave

It appears that the Gnus over at “Freethoughtsblogs” have decided to evolve into a newer, more enlightened version of atheism and are promising a new wave. Greta Christina makes the announcement and they’ve decided to label themselves as Gnu+.  Kind of like a Super Gnu.  She quotes Jen McCreight:

It’s perfect. It illustrates that we’re more than just “dictionary” atheists who happen to not believe in gods and that we want to be a positive force in the world. Commenter dcortesi suggested how this gets atheists out of the “negativity trap” that we so often find ourselves in, when people ask stuff like “What do you atheists do, besides sitting around not-praying, eh?”

Er, didn’t they try this before?

McCreight continues:

We are…
Atheists plus we care about social justice,
Atheists plus we support women’s rights,
Atheists plus we protest racism,
Atheists plus we fight homophobia and transphobia,
Atheists plus we use critical thinking and skepticism.

Okay, so I guess this means is that the old Gnus (those with the plain red A) don’t care about social justice and women’s right and support racism and homophobia, right?  That does seem to be the point of contention, right? I see that Myers has quickly joined the new wave and proudly displays his A+.  The question that remains is whether or not Coyne, Harris, and Dawkins are still just an A or have they developed into an A+.  We’ll have to keep on eye on Dawkins’ trinket store to see what shakes out.

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3 Responses to A New Wave

  1. G. Rodrigues says:

    We are told that when Kafka read his stories to his close circle of friends in some cafe in Prague, the whole party would roar out in laughter.

    Whatever comedy Kafka and his friends found in his stories is forever lost to us; no one laughs when reading him.

    Analogously, I wonder when the point will be reached when the comical farce that is Gnu atheism will turn to tragicomedy and finally morph into the pathos of tragedy.

  2. Crude says:

    Oh man. Again with a name change and change of view? So we’ve got the brights, the New Atheists, the gnus, and now this?

    Someone needs to write a Field Guide for these guys. How to determine what atheist you’ve encountered in the wild.

  3. Crude says:

    I also recall “Atheism 2.0” (or was it 3.0?), which actually sounded promising – atheists who were nice, polite, actually had positive views of religion in general even if criticisms in particular. Apparently it went over like a lead balloon.

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