A Real Life Fargo?

Okay, so I’m reading about the demise of America’s first Gnu atheist – Madalyn Murray O’Hair.  I knew that she was murdered by someone who worked for her atheist organization.  But I had no clue about all the grisly details.  Here’s the story (as of 1999) from John MacCormack, the investigative journalist mostly responsible for solving the crime. Then there is an excellent piece by Time’s David Van Biema, written in 1997.

Anyway, as I am reading these stories, I’m struck by the fact that the whole thing sounds strangely familiar to the plot from the great movie, Fargo.  I’m serious – it’s weird.

If you have seen the movie, and have read the articles above, see if you agree with my casting decisions below the fold.  The similarities aren’t perfect, but I think they are pretty close.

Madalyn Murray O’Hair

Jon Garth Murray

Danny Fry

Gary Karr

David Waters

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One Response to A Real Life Fargo?

  1. eveysolara says:

    Heres an interesting debate between her and Walter Martin I believe.

    [audio src="http://dl.dropbox.com/u/27165271/Walter%20Martin%20vs%20Madalyn%20Murray%20.mp3" /]

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