Failed petition explained

I thought I would make a couple of brief comments on the failed petition.  Did you catch this part from the news article?

 The petition’s failure has exposed another paradox of the nontheist community. In recent years, it has made an organized effort to promote its members as compassionate, caring and concerned about justice. The unofficial motto “Good without God” has been used to rally support for charitable organizations, food banks and blood drives, services for the homeless and disaster relief efforts.

So the whole “Good without God” thing is a “promotion.”  It’s not that Gnu’s are naturally exuding their compassionate and caring natures.  It’s that they want to sell themselves as such.  That’s why “an organized effort” is needed.  Like a sales pitch.

When you consider it from that angle, this petition thing is a PR disaster!

As such, it’s time to come up with excuses and bring on the spin.  The Gnu who can somehow come up with a plausible way to blame this on religion will likely earn much Gnu love.  In the meantime, the lead spin doctor will have to be none other than PZ Myers.  Here is his explanation:

I’m going to disagree with Stephanie…I don’t think the petition to bring Alexander Aan to Obama’s attention was a failure. I’ve talked to a number of people about it, and I’ll tell you what the big problem was: it wasn’t Aan, or a lack of outrage at his blasphemy conviction…it was frustration at the pointlessness of talking to Obama. No one had any expectation that signing that petition would do a damned thing: atheists generally are not particularly happy with our current lackluster president. He’s better than the opposition, but that’s setting a very low bar.

It’s Obama’s fault! Yeah, that’s it.


Oh, BTW, remember when PZ was trying to spice up his fund raising efforts for some kids gnu camp by turning his dispute with Sam Harris into a contest?  The goal is $37,784 and from 7/12 to 8/12, the guy with the 100,000 twitter followers raised $1520.

Nine days later, how’s it going?

Someone threw 100 bucks into the pot and PZ’s horde now has raised $1620.  With less than two weeks to go, PZ’s followers gotta come up with the other 96%.  By now we should start seeing a spike in donations for PR reasons alone.


Obama will have more explaining to do.

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One Response to Failed petition explained

  1. Crude says:

    I remember when the “Friendly Atheist” was throwing a fundraiser for some church that was vandalized with atheist propaganda. At the time there was talk about how this was great and showed that the Cult of Gnu was more generous and thoughtful than people let on. I remembered telling an atheist in a comments section, “They’re doing it because it’s a good PR move.” He replied with shock at my cynicism.

    Then I told him, “You don’t understand. This isn’t a baseless accusation.” I directed him to the comments section of the website of the guy running it – wherein the comments were largely split between “Yeah, I donated, this is good PR for atheism.” and “No way am I donating, I’m not helping some church out, they can screw off.”

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