Edward Wilson Speaks about Dawkins

Check this out:

“Would you like to talk about Dawkins?” he continues – and when I say yes, he laughs. “I hesitate to do this because he’s such a popular guy, but Dawkins is not a scientist. He’s a writer on science and he hasn’t participated in research directly or published in peer-reviewed journals for a long time. In other words, there is no Wilson-versus-Dawkins controversy: it’s Wilson versus … well, I could give you a goodly list of other scientists doing peer-reviewed research.”

Actually, Dawkins is not even much of a writer on science these days either.  He’s clearly more of an atheist activist.  I’m not surprised.  I never quite bought into that public image of the man who is so deeply devoted to science.  I think it is quite instructive to note that when he retired, he had the time and energy and money to pursue his true love and passion.  And it wasn’t science.  It was atheism.

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3 Responses to Edward Wilson Speaks about Dawkins

  1. Crude says:

    Yeah, it was nice to see Wilson flat out say the obvious. I’m tired of seeing Dawkins introduced as a scientist, much less a brilliant scientist, when the guy is clearly an ex-scientist. Same with PZ Myers. Apparently they love science so much, they don’t have time to actually do any.

  2. Michael says:

    PZ doesn’t even write about science these days. Once Sam Harris got his PhD, he seems to have lost interest likewise. Jerry Coyne still does and writes about science. But he recently complained on his blog:

    I must say that it discomfits me a bit that biology posts are overlooked in favor of ones on atheism and religion—nay, even ones on cats! Now it takes about five times longer to write a biology post than one on, say, a HuffPo piece on Bart Ehrman, because I have to read the science paper twice, look up ancillary references, and try to explain it as best I can in non-technical language. Despite that, posts on Jesus, atheism, and the like garner the lion’s share of attention.

    Gnus often attack scientists for not joining their cause. Well, scientists are interested in science. Gnus are interested in atheism and religion.

  3. physphilmusic says:

    It’s a bit telling that Coyne doesn’t feel the need to “read the paper twice and look up ancillary references” whenever he’s talking about religion and the historical Jesus…

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