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Evidence is in your head

Stanley Fish is the Davidson-Kahn Distinguished University Professor and a professor of law at Florida International University, in Miami. He has written a very insightful article addressing the debate about faith and reason. Here is an excerpt: Evidence, understood as … Continue reading

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The Debate That Never Was

Apparently, there was going to be a debate between atheist JT Eberhard and cl, the author of the blog, the warfare is mental.  These two had a series of email exchanges in an attempt to set up the rules prior … Continue reading

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Dumbest Article of the Month

This article has to be one of the dumbest articles I have read in some time.  The author cites a group of kooks who actually believe that in the next 100 years, a spaceship filled with 10,000 people will be … Continue reading

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Understanding New Atheism

Jerry Coyne struggles to define “New Atheism”and comes up with four traits that are supposed to distinguish Gnus from old atheists.  In his attempt to do this, he describes a New Atheist as something that does not really exist.  Yet … Continue reading

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Trying to Rescue Scientism

In an attempt to rescue scientism, Gnu advocate Jason Rosenhouse needs to water down the definition of science as follows: applying the common sense investigative techniques that everyone applies in their everyday lives. You gather the facts, formulate theories, test … Continue reading

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A Rock Solid Critique

Rest assured that if you read this blog, you are getting some solid and cutting edge criticisms of the Gnu atheist movement.  Back in May, I wrote a short essay that seriously undercut one of the foundational premises of the … Continue reading

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Gimpy little zebras?

Jacques Berlinerblau wastes no ink in his new book trying to flatter his fellow nonbelievers. “American atheist movements, though fancying themselves a lion, are more like the gimpy little zebra crossing the river full of crocs,” he writes in “How … Continue reading

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From Wiki: Butugichag Corrective Labor Camp (Russian: исправи́тельно-трудово́й ла́герь, Бутугычаг) was a part of the bigger Tenlag, a subdivision of GULAG. The camp existed during 1945-1955 in the Kolyma region of North-Eastern Russia (later Magadan Oblast). The camp is mostly … Continue reading

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More Gnu authoritarianism

Jerry Coyne is not the only Gnu activist with an authoritarian streak.  Eric MacDonald, another Gnu activist, commented on Coyne’s blog: Amen to this: Somehow—and this will never happen, of course—it should be illegal to indoctrinate children with religious belief. … Continue reading

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Jerry Coyne’s authoritarianism

Jerry Coyne posts the following picture And then asks: Dawkins has taken flak for characterizing religious indoctrination of children as “child abuse.”  Well, look at this picture and deny it. Easy.  I deny it.  I can deny it because I … Continue reading

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