Getting Noticed

This fiasco is getting more publicity:

The founders of Atheism+ say clearly that “divisiveness” is not their aim, but looking through the blogs and voluminous comments in the two weeks since A+ was mooted, trenches have been dug, beliefs stated, positions staked out and abuse thrown. A dissenting tweeter is “full of shit”, while, according to one supporter, daring to disagree with Atheism+’s definition of progressive issues and not picking their side makes you an “asshole and a douchebag”.

It took 700 years from Constantine renaming Byzantium in his own honour to papal legates circulating letters of anathema that split the Roman and Orthodox churches. Atheism, in its public, online life, has started exchanging internet anathemas – perhaps we should call them inathemas – in little more than a decade.

Those of us who do not wish to extend our atheism into someone else’s definition of progressive politics may take rather unkindly to being described as immoral scum, useful but unsavoury body parts, and outdated contraceptive devices. In the week when American atheism made its appearance in the Economist’s editorial pages, it seems to have been sowing the seeds of that most religious of events – a schism.

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9 Responses to Getting Noticed

  1. Crude says:

    Woah, they even used the same video you did.

    The Cult of Gnu. I called them it, and so many got ruffled and objected to the term. Yet here we are. 😀

  2. camelhump says:

    Atheists are now New Gnu, Old Gnu or Non Gnu. Do you know your Gnus? The definitive gnide here:

  3. nmatzke says:

    Meh nothing new really, similar claims about schism were made back in the ScienceBlogs days:

    I didn’t know/remember this til now but that’s where the “Deep Rifts ™” joke started, back in 2009 or before.

  4. eveysolara says:

    But this time, there’s ceramics.

  5. Crude says:

    Meh nothing new really, similar claims about schism were made back in the ScienceBlogs days:

    Eh? The only ‘schism’ that was talked about back then, if I recall, was a schism between accommodationists and the Cult of Gnu. That didn’t go away, people simply accepted the rift. (For fun, why not tell us what Jerry Coyne’s and Richard Dawkins’ opinions of your intellectual integrity are?)

    That was, I admit, less surprising since it was clear from the beginning that the Cult of Gnu had a particularly nasty strand of anti-theism, and not every atheist (much less agnostic) would be on-board.

    This time, the schism is in the cult itself. Whether or not it does take off, it’s definitely brewing. By the way, care to evaluate Richard Carrier’s contribution to A+?

  6. stcordova says:

    Carrier’s pronouncements made the Wedge Document look like milktoast.

  7. Michael says:

    I didn’t know/remember this til now but that’s where the “Deep Rifts ™” joke started, back in 2009 or before.

    Ah yes, back in the good ol’ days. The good ol’ pre-elevatorgate days, that is.

  8. stcordova says:

    The way I remember the splits. Pre-dover the TE’s and the Atheists were working together, then;

    0. There were the brights, then there was Dover and the TE’s and Atheists briefly teamed up
    1. Atheists and TE’s split
    2. New Atheists (eventually GNUs) split from the Accomodationists
    3. GNU’s got poisoned by radical fems which resulted in the A+’s

    Somewhere between 2 and 3, Nick was tossed under the bus by Dawkins, Coyne, PZ Myers and Abbie Smith. I never saw that one coming in a million years.

  9. com says:

    It reminds me about the South Park episode “”Go God Go”” in 2006, where there was described a schisma between atheist organizations about very “Great Question”…

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