Time for Giving

Warning.  Time is almost up.  September 3rd is that last day for Gnus around the world to show their giving nature and help support young children attend camps where officials cover any signs saying “Lord” or “God” with masking tape, and replace those words with fantasy-like words, such as “Flying Spaghetti Monster.”

Back on 7/12, two teams of internet Gnus have been trying to raise $37,784 to send kids to an atheist camp.   One team was PZ Myers and all his faithful acolytes.  From 7/12 to 8/12, they raised an immense sum of $1520.  As of today, with time running out, these compassionate and charitable members of the A+ movement have given


That’s a whole 5% of the goal they were trying to reach.


But hold on, there is a team of 13 Gnu blogs competing against PZ and his team.  This team includes other compassionate Aplussers.  And it looks like they have been even more generous.  For they have raised…..


That’s 7% of the goal.  Did you hear that?



But on a more sadder note, little Jimmy Gnusome was hoping to attend camp next year to learn how to mock religion.  But he cannot afford it.  Jimmy, how do you feel about not be able to go to camp next year because the Gnus couldn’t raise enough money?

PZ Make Jimmy Cry

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2 Responses to Time for Giving

  1. stcordova says:

    Annual budget for Campus Crusade for Christ : $500,000,000


    Not only are GNU blogs scrooges, they have an inflated view of their influence on the minds of people.

  2. apollyon911 says:

    Meanwhile, the annual budget at our local church is well over $1 million. All supported on donations from members. This does not include member donations to various Christian charities that help people around the world…

    Can’t wait for the New World Order to be brought about by the ethical (and compassionate) atheists…

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