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Does Dawkins Really Love Science?

We are told that Richard Dawkins is a man who deeply loves science.  In fact, it is this public perception that Dawkins exploits in order to serve the Gnu atheist movement.  But is it really true that Dawkins loves science? … Continue reading

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Wishful Denial

We are often told that Christians believe in God simply because they want to believe in God.  Such belief is supposed to be comforting and reassuring.  The atheist, in contrast, is said to be strong-minded, with the ability to follow … Continue reading

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More on the subjective aspect of evidence

As we have seen, there is a subjective aspect to evidence.  This follows from the simple fact that evidence is conceived rather than sensed.  We cannot measure “evidence.”  We measure data and transform data into evidence with the act of … Continue reading

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Testing the Waters

When an atheist demands a theist provide evidence for God’s existence, one of two dynamics is in play. First, the atheist could be someone who sincerely believes that all claims must be supported by evidence.  As such, this person is … Continue reading

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Becoming Disillusioned with the Atheist Movement

Over at Atheist Revolution, someone is becoming disillusioned with the atheist movement.  I thought I would mention this because it is a rare example of an atheist raising criticisms of the atheist movement.  The author lists five things “wrong with … Continue reading

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So why are atheists reluctant to define evidence?

Back in March, I noted: This subjective element is also on clear display when the atheist is asked to clarify his requests for evidence by spelling out what type of data would qualify as evidence for God’s existence. I have … Continue reading

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Reality check

In the comments section of a previous thread, Alan Fox writes: But, as I am sure Coyne and Myers would concur, nobody is trying to force you to change your particular beliefs. Just don’t expect to be entitled to enforce … Continue reading

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The Subjective Essence of Atheism

It is common for atheists to proclaim that “there is no evidence for God’s existence” as if this was some objective truth about our reality.  Yet when someone says, “There is no evidence for God,” all they are really saying … Continue reading

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A Gullible Atheist

Okay, so I just had to check out JT Eberhard, the atheist who backed out of some internet debate when asked to define evidence.  Eberhard describes himself as “an atheist activist who writes a blog on the Patheos network.”  Like … Continue reading

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Gnu Movement Built on Sand

In the comments section of a previous posting, Nikolaj Mikkelsen noted: “I know of no evidence to support the existence of this thing.” “there’s no evidence for God” are two very different propositions. The latter one cannot be supported. I … Continue reading

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