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PZ Myers Bans Another

As I mentioned before, given their authoritarian tendencies, Gnu atheists tend to heavily censor their blogs.  So it is no surprise that PZ Myers bans another dissenting voice from his blog.  David Marshall documents the whole exchange that led to … Continue reading

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Don’t be fooled by Dawkins

Richard Dawkins’ twisted attempts to insist it is better to sexually abuse a child than to teach that child about hell cannot be defended by anyone who is intellectually honest and has a moral compass.  Nevertheless, because of the cultish … Continue reading

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Richard Dawkins’ twisted sense of morality is on display again.  First, we’ve seen that he thinks a wife who finds out her husband is cheating on her should just remain silent and put up with it.  Now, he’s back to … Continue reading

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Just who has the mind virus?

Richard Dawkins gave an interview where he outlined his views about religion as some kind of mind virus (HT: Cale BT): Skeptic: You also took a bit of flak for likening religion (I think specifically Catholicism) to a virus? Is … Continue reading

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Fighting the good fight

If you are a Gnu atheist, you are invested in this notion that religion is bad.  Not just bad, but really, really bad.  Oh, what the heck – religion is just damn evil.  When you find yourself embracing such an … Continue reading

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How cultish is New Atheism?

Many people who have interacted with Gnu atheists have noticed a certain cult-like behavior among many Gnus.  To better assess this, let’s use a check off list from Lalich and Langone’s Characteristics Associated with Cultic Groups.  I’ll score each characteristic, … Continue reading

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Rise above our nature?

A few years back Richard Dawkins wrote an article entitled Banishing the Green-Eyed Monster.  In it, he puts his Gnu sense of morality on display.  He begins by arguing that politicians have a duty to lie when it comes to … Continue reading

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Maybe she felt it

Remember Terri Schiavo? The Terri Schiavo case was a legal struggle involving prolonged life support in the United States that lasted from 1998 to 2005. At issue was whether to carry out the decision of the husband of Teresa Marie … Continue reading

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What is takes for some atheists to become theists

I forgot to mention the best moment from Jerry Coyne’s reply to Michael Shermer.  Coyne writes: Yes, maybe aliens could do that, and maybe it would be an alien trick to imitate Jesus (combined with an advanced technology that could … Continue reading

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The Head Fake

So what if Jesus was to reappear on Earth and, in a well documented manner, did things like heal amputees?  In other words, what if God did as the atheists demand and they get their sensational, miraculous, unexplainable gaps?  What … Continue reading

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