What is takes for some atheists to become theists

I forgot to mention the best moment from Jerry Coyne’s reply to Michael Shermer.  Coyne writes:

Yes, maybe aliens could do that, and maybe it would be an alien trick to imitate Jesus (combined with an advanced technology that could regrow limbs), but so what?  I see no problem with provisionally calling such a being “God”—particularly if it comports with traditional religious belief—until proven otherwise.

Really? For some reason, this old show comes to mind:

So if Coyne was the Enterprise’s Science Officer, he would have become a theist.

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6 Responses to What is takes for some atheists to become theists

  1. Brilliant!!!!!!! and extra points for remembering the original series.

  2. eveysolara says:

    What does god need with a starship

  3. Kaestner says:

    Mike Gene, what happened that radicalized you? Making post after post about Coyne for so long — up to and including the recent six posts in a row on Coyne — one has to wonder how this came about. It’s so personal, like he stole your wife or something. Why are you so threatened over the fact that someone sees your religion the same way you see certain other religions: as superstition?

    I would not exactly expect total mental soundness from someone who makes wackaloon posts to a Rush Limbaugh fan group, but, sadly, you haven’t made much progress since then.

  4. Michael says:

    You are projecting. Coyne just happens to be one of the more prolific Gnu leaders on the internet and his thinking is representative of many Gnus. I thus pinpoint many of irrational elements of such Gnu thinking. Here is a quick summary:

    Post 1: Coyne proposes that once we grant the existence of evolution, the evolution of creatures capable of suffering is inevitable. I point out that this is not what mainstream biology teaches.

    Post 2: I point out that while Coyne postures as if he is a champion of free speech, he heavily censors his own blog.

    Post 3: I use Coyne’s disagreement with Shermer to illustrate how I am right about the subjective essence of atheism.

    Post 4: I continue the same argument, illustrating that whether or not atheism exists depends on the person, not the “evidence.”

    Post 5: I point out that even if Coyne received the evidence he demands, he would not become a Christian.

    Post 6: I have some mild fun with Coyne admitting that he would accept alien intelligence as evidence of God.

    Clearly, you feel threatened by these posts and have taken them personally. Because I am right, you cannot come up with a single counterargument. Since Coyne is probably your hero and leader, you get mad at me. This anger prevents you from admitting I am right, but neither can you ignore me. So you do what all trolls do – you choose your 76th screen name and lash out at me.

  5. eveysolara says:

    Mike, if you have been following thunderfoot’s blog, you would know that this is what plussers do these days, not unlike scientologists, when you criticize them, they dig up your history rather than defend themselves. It’s rather cult like.

  6. Michael says:

    Good point. Someday, I’ll have to compare and contrast scientologists and Gnus.

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