PZ Myers Bans Another

As I mentioned before, given their authoritarian tendencies, Gnu atheists tend to heavily censor their blogs.  So it is no surprise that PZ Myers bans another dissenting voice from his blog.  David Marshall documents the whole exchange that led to the banning and concludes with a rather insightful comment.

E. What this thread shows, is that religion does not make PZ Myers and his disciples hate. (As is often implied, for example by a recent book called Why Atheists are so Angry.) Why are so many New Atheists so angry? Simple. Those who go in for hate cults, even in the name of morality and the rights of women, come to need hatred as an addict needs his next fix, come to need a focus of rage, that 10-Minute Hate that justifies their lives. After offing five sacrificial atheist victims in turn, having run out of “virgins,” someone links to the Christian blogger, Vox Day, who makes himself an easy target, for more grist for the mill. 999 rightfully perceives that verbally disembowling his soul is not an interruption to the conversation, as PZ and others claim, but is the whole point of the ritual of human sacrifice being that is performed on a weekly, if not daily basis on Pharyngula.

I think more and more people are starting to notice that New Atheism is essentially a secular hate cult.  So the question is not “Why are New Atheists angry?”  Instead, we need to ponder why it is that New Atheists hate.

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One Response to PZ Myers Bans Another

  1. eveysolara says:

    But why did 999 mention parked cars and valuables, but then walk away from it ( but double down later and wal away from it again, annoying!)

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