Give me your money

Recall that one of the signs of a cult is that it “is preoccupied with making money.

I noted the Gnu leaders do seem awfully invested in trying to make money off of atheism (think of Richard Dawkins and Sam Harris).  So it should be no surprise that PZ Myers wants to get his fingers on some of that gold.  Not being satisfied with the money he makes off of blogging, he decided to write a book.  And here is how it is described on

From the author of one of the web’s most popular science blogs, The Happy Atheist takes on religious fanaticism with all the gleeful disrespect it deserves. A small, fearless book that takes aim at big, stupid targets–and nails them.

 Let’s overlook the fact that he is not the author of a science blog.  Instead, note the two aspects that give away his greedy motivations:


1.  Like Dawkins and Harris, Myers wants to cash in on some image of being “pro-science” yet shows little interest in doing science.  For the glaring fact is that this book is not about science.  He could have written about science, but he chose to write an anti-religious book.  Surprise!!

Why would he choose to poke fun of religion rather than educate people about science?  The answer is obvious –  $$$$$$$.


2.  Notice it’s a “small” book.  Indeed, it is only 176 pages.  So Myers not only wants the money, he wants the easy money.

The only one left out of it so far is Jerry Coyne.  I predict he too will have a new book in the works.  And it will have an anti-religious angle.  For cults are preoccupied with making money.

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