Secularism at work

As part of the culture war, Gnu atheists seek to convince the general public that religion is bad.  Very bad.  One of the weapons in their propaganda is to continually portray religion in a bad light.  So anytime there is news of some religious people doing something bad or saying something bad, the Gnus like to showcase this.  A steady diet of such cherry picking then becomes part of the propaganda campaign.

But why judge religion in a vacuum?   Why not instead balance the Gnu approach by showcasing the opposite of religion -secularism?   If someone is not religious, they are secular.  A secular person leads a life where God and religion are simply not relevant.  So the opposite of a religious lifestyle is a secular lifestyle.  That being said, in an attempt to further balance the discussion, why not borrow from the Gnu approach and focus on news that involves secular people?

So I will start a new on-going series that learns from the Gnu approach and showcases examples of secular behavior, secular thinking, and secular lifestyles to see if it truly represents a superior approach to life than the religious way.

To kick it off, let’s focus on one example of secular behavior – methamphetamine addiction.

Back in 2004, Deputy Bret King from the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office in Oregon came up with the idea of tracking mugshots of people who were brought in to police custody more than once.  Below the fold is a link to some of the pictures of this secular way of life.

It’s pretty safe to say these people were not spending much time at Bible studies, church, or prayer meetings.  Nor can we blame this reality on religion.  In fact, there is a lot of scientific research that shows religious people are less likely use drugs or have drug addictions.  Which would mean non-religious people are more likely to have such problems.

So let’s see what this particular secular lifestyle does.  Go here to see some seriously sad pictures. It’s a shame these people have chosen this secular lifestyle instead of a religious one.  Can the Gnus admit that a religious lifestyle is preferable to this particular lifestyle?

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3 Responses to Secularism at work

  1. Crude says:

    You’re hitting on a point I’ve harped on for forever, but which many people are loathe to get.

    ‘Secular’, for many people, gets defined as ‘doing something that isn’t related to God – but also, it’s not something bad’. So, opening the door for someone to be polite is a secular activity. Buying pornography? Depends on who you’re talking to. Buying child porn? Absolutely not.

  2. Michael says:

    Yep. Since the Gnus want to put the religious lifestyle under a high power microscope, and expose every little wart and pimple, it is only fair to balance this approach with a look at the secular lifestyle – the lifestyles which are not religious.

  3. Tim lambert says:

    Looking at those pictures gets to me. Usually by the last in each set the person looks so lost and hopeless.
    It’s hard to think at one point that person was an innocent child, excited with life, probably never conceiving that they would end up in such a bad way.
    Hopefully at one point in their life they felt the true love of a parent. Hopefully they can find that love again in God.
    May God grant them His grace so that they may change.

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