A Rarely Picked Cherry

According to New Atheist propaganda, religion is the enemy of science and Gnu atheists are the champions of science.  The Gnu atheists, including their leader Richard Dawkins, propagate and maintain this illusion with extensive cherry-picking.  For oddly enough, a real enemy of science cannot be fit into this “religion vs. science” template – animal rights extremism.

Let me quote extensively from the blog, Respectful Insolence:

 At Florida Atlantic University, there is a student named Alena Rodriguez. She is a junior majoring in biology who wrote:

    Hello! My name is Alena Rodriguez, and I’m a junior at FAU. I’m working toward a BS degree in biology with a minor in psychology. I developed a passion for life sciences early in high school and have been studying for a career in biology ever since. My goal is to become a research biologist.

    During my time at FAU, I have taken advanced science courses, excelled in my academic labs, tutored my peers, and held an executive position for the Chemistry Club of FAU. There was only one thing missing; I had yet to be in a real lab. Luckily, I heard about the URM-NSF program, which is now providing me with the opportunity to do just that! I look forward to participating in this program in hopes that it will provide me with the training and knowledge to be a successful graduate student, and, ultimately, an influential scientist.

    Specifically, I am interested in molecular, cellular, and developmental biology, as well as biochemistry. I hope to someday be a part of the growing research that aims to find treatments and cures for cancer and other diseases. I am also inspired by biotechnology because its discoveries improve human health.


Unfortunately, her willingness to speak her mind ran her afoul of hte animal rights movement. In response to solicitations to attend an animal rights event near her school called Bioblitz!, Alena wrote an e-mail back to someone named Ghazal Tajalli (Facebook page) that said:

Actually, I’m an undergrad researcher aiming to work at Scripps! I currently test on animals and think that it is perfectly fine. In fact, it is the one of the only ways that we, scientists, can test drugs in order to treat human diseases. I’m sure someone in your family or even a friend you know has suffered from a disease or pathology that was treated (or cured) by medicines THAT ONLY CAME INTO EXISTENCE BECAUSE OF ANIMAL TESTING.

One week ago NIO posted a gloating article Alena Rodriguez: Publically Denounces Vivisection & Abandons Career Plans With Scripps. Apparently, the animal rights activists, led by the self-same Ghazal, “reeducated” Alena:

    Having received some intense education from the networks of Florida activists overnight, however, Alena now understands that, just like every other student being indoctrinated into the horrific world of institutionalized animal abuse, “I was naive…I really just did not know about all this stuff.”

In the rest of the post, NIO included a statement from Alena denouncing animal research, pleading “ignorance” of all these “horrible things” going on, and offering an apology for her previous statements. It’s all very Soviet-style in that the straying comrade has been brought into the fold and forced to publicly confess her “crimes” before being offerend a chance at absolution.

Gee, I wonder what that “intense education” consisted of. I don’t know for sure, but I can make a reasonable guess. My guess is that they flooded Alena’s e-mail with threats, and posts like this cached post entitled Alena Rodriguez: Hang your head in shame you disgusting ANIMAL ABUSER! This post is no longer posted on the NIO blog, probably because Alena recanted under pressure, but of note Ghazal published Alena’s e-mail address on the NIO website, urging her fellow animal rights loons to “e-mail her.” She also posted the link to Alena’s Facebook page. Ghazal even urged people to spam Alena’s FAU Chemistry Club.

Sadly, Ghazal’s harassment obviously worked. As P.Z. Myers mentions and NIO gloats about, Alena recanted, apologized, and begged Ghazal to leave her alone. The bully had won. She had done what she had promised to do upon joining NIO Florida, taking the position of Senior Editor of Disturbing the Abusers’ Peace, where she was described as “part of the core group working to organize a network of militant activism across the state” for NIO Florida. Clearly, Ghazal abused Alena’s peace until she gave in, which is the way animal rights activists work, just like criminal thugs. Indeed, in the early morning hours of March 23, Alena e-mailed Ghazal saying:

    I’m sorry! You all are right! : ( please stop saying such horrible, untrue things about me. It’s hurtful. I’ve done nothing but fruit fly research. I’m crying because of this… I’m sorry…

Now think about this.


Can you think of a case where a group of creationist bullies harassed a science student to the point where they apologized for their interest in science and promised to give up their scientific pursuits?  Of course not.  If there was such an example, we’d have heard about it everywhere in the Gnu blogosphere and we would be reminded of it everyday since it happened.  This is because such bullying would fit the stereotypes and agenda behind the Gnu propaganda.

Also, let’s not forget that the animal rights movement owes its existence to atheist Peter Singer.  Richard Dawkins, himself, has been sympathetic to their cause.  And, if you have ever run into an animal rights activist, you know they are far, far more likely to be an atheist than an evangelical Christian.

So there would appear to be a significant overlap between the Atheist Movement, which claims to champion science, and the Animal Rights Movement, which constantly attacks scientists.  But the Gnus don’t want us to notice that.  I wonder why.

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One Response to A Rarely Picked Cherry

  1. eveysolara says:

    You can’t deny the amount of apathy that flows over a student sitting through bio 101 who has been taught that its all bs. I’ve seen that uninterested, contemptuous look firsthand first hand from otherwise talented students. Not to mention the danger of getting unscientific ideas into high school textbooks without the approval of the scientific gatekeepers.

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