Scientists send kids to church

Here’s something that is not supposed to happen:

The formula seems simple: parents pass down what they believe to their children. Atheist parents don’t believe in God or go to church, therefore…. Yet, a surprisingly large number of atheist scientists from elite universities raise their children in a religious community such as a church. Sociologists Elaine Ecklund (Rice University) and Kristen Lee (University of Buffalo, SUNY) found that these atheist scientists do so because they want to give their children religious choice, have a religious spouse, or think that religious communities will give their children moral bearings and community.


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2 Responses to Scientists send kids to church

  1. Crude says:

    I wish that link had the numbers.

    I could also picture the Dawkins Foundation headline. “Surprising number of atheist scientists abuse their children.”

  2. Crude says:

    The researchers found that 17 percent of atheists with children attended a religious service more than once in the past year.

    There we go, so sayeth Coyne’s coverage of the story.

    By the way, Coyne’s reaction is a story itself. The man is absolutely furious that the study was done, furious at who did the study, and furious at the conclusions being drawn. You’d almost get the conclusion that he’s not exactly a big fan of science when it doesn’t go the way he likes.

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