Not Surprised

Oh, no. Now the Aplussers are starting to feud.

What is going on? What has happened? How can people who work to promote reason and critical thinking act so ridiculous? This is irrational, divisive language. This comes from a woman who heads Skepchick, an org that speaks out against hate and bullying towards women online. A woman who dedicates an entire “page-o-hate” to the stupid, abusive comments she receives. But turns around and calls me the dumbest person on twitter.

Actually, there is nothing atypical about this from the crowd that claims to have some monopoly on reason and critical thinking. Kind of reminds me to people who think they are great writers, but objective test scores say otherwise.

More here.

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2 Responses to Not Surprised

  1. Apollyon says:

    The skills required for competence often are the same skills necessary to recognize competence. Incompetent people don’t know they are incompetent and are unable to recognize competence in others.

    You can’t teach stupid people. Especially highly irrational people who think they are extremely rational.

    Even independent tests have been shown not to be able to convince the incompetent person he or she is incompetent. The tests are either wrong, or simply misinterpreted to confirm the incompetent person’s opinion about their own brilliance.

  2. Tim Lambert says:

    One way to look at it: it’s hard to be too stunned that a lady who heads up skepchick and devotes alot of time mocking and sneering at those she perceives as being idiots, that that behavior (mocking/sneering) will eventually be directed at others not simply in the narrow confines of “benighted religious-minded folk”.

    That negativity is a growing tendency. Keep feeding into it and it becomes a ‘universal acid’.
    That’s not to say Watson has to agree with the religious-minded folk. But doing it with a sense of graciousness is very different than doing it with a sense of spite.

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