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Another Documentary

This looks like it might be a much better documentary to check out.

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Converting an Accomodationist

In the previous posting, we discovered a mystery – Richard Dawkins has teamed up with Lawrence Krauss, a vocal accomodationist, to make a movie about science and religion.  Why would Dawkins seek to elevate an accomodationist?  Why would Krauss team … Continue reading

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The Dynamic Duo of Science

The Dynamic Duo of Science may be promoting themselves with an upcoming atheist propaganda film this summer, but you have to wonder if either of them truly stand on principles.  Consider the multiple, mixed messages Batman and Robin have sent … Continue reading

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The Mystery of the Unbelievers

It looks like Richard Dawkins will be promoting himself in an upcoming Gnu propaganda film: Yet there is a mystery about this film.  While it would be interesting to find out who produced this film and who gets the profits, … Continue reading

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Just what we need

A state senator from Illinois has proposed a new law that would likely please Jerry Coyne: A recently introduced bill in the Illinois state Senate would require anonymous website comment posters to reveal their identities if they want to keep … Continue reading

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Victor Think

Atheist activists and atheist fundamentalists have been bombarding us with assertions that science and religion are fundamentally irreconcilable.  One such activist and fundamentalist is Victor Stenger, who contributes yet another confused essay to the Huffington Post entitled, Science and Religion … Continue reading

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Stenger Misses the Target

Victor Stenger writes:  Tegmark and his colleagues didn’t ask the right questions. Or, at least, they should have defined evolution better for their respondents. As I reported in a Huffpost blog on October 6, 2012 titled “Is Evolution Compatible With … Continue reading

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Ethical Nihilism

Atheism is intrinsically linked to nihilism.  Atheists will deny this.  But it doesn’t change anything.  However, now and then, some atheist thinker will come along and acknowledge this truth.  Someone like the philosopher of science Alex Rosenberg.  Below the fold … Continue reading

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Quiz Time

Who said the following? Hume’s only defect was that he was unaware of Bayes’ Theorem Was it a. Wyle E. Coyote

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Immersion and Gaps

It was only a matter of time. Following the lead of other New Atheists leaders, it looks like Jerry Coyne has finally decided to cash in on the New Atheist movement: Today I fly back to Chicago to begin teaching … Continue reading

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