Dawkins’ Idea of a Fulfilled Life

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5 Responses to Dawkins’ Idea of a Fulfilled Life

  1. Twix says:

    I’m pretty sure I’ve read that Dawkins doesn’t believe there is any meaning or purpose in life. If so, how can one “waste” their life? There is nothing to waste since there is nothing someone “should” be doing. For a man who claims to love science and logic so much, he sure says a lot of unscientific and illogical things.

  2. TFBW says:

    I used to wonder at Pascal’s frequent use of the word “concupiscence” in Penses. In retrospect, however, I must concede his greater understanding of the Human Condition. At least I am compensated by the ironic spectacle of Richard Dawkins acting as evidence for the wisdom of Blaise Pascal.

  3. Tim Lambert says:

    Good point, Twix.
    Life only has the meaning we superimpose over it (no actual meaning to life) then what does it matter what someone wishes to superimpose over their existence?
    Shouldn’t Dawkins merely applaud choice for the sake of unfettered choice to do whatever one would like to do?

  4. Apollyon says:

    Because Dawkins is the epitomy of a fulfilled life. Has anyone ever seen Dawkins smile?

  5. Mudz says:

    What a douche. At least we have to imagine it for those guys. With Dawkins we get the live show.

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