Is New Atheism a Virus of the Mind?

New Atheism is sold to us as a perspective on life that is based on reason and evidence.  Yet, as I have shown on this blog many times now, this is simply not true.  I think it far more accurate to note that New Atheism is more of an anti-religious movement that thrives on emotion, propaganda, and memes.  Once again, I checked in on r/atheism, which promotes itself as “the web’s largest atheist forum.”  So what is on the front page of the web’s largest atheist forum?  Argument after argument, supported by reason and evidence?  Nope.

Anti-religious meme after meme after meme.  After meme.  A steady, persistent, endless diet of daily anti-religious memes.  Ironically, it would seem we could borrow from Dawkins and describe New Atheism as a virus of the mind.

See for yourself.

(It doesn’t matter when you click on this.  Weeks from now, when someone stumbles on this posting, I’ll still be right about the meme fest).

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2 Responses to Is New Atheism a Virus of the Mind?

  1. Mark Hall says:

    The reason, evidence, and arguments are available elsewhere. Are we to restrict ourselves ONLY to such expression in EVERY venue? I suspect even William Lane Craig has been known to crack a joke now and then.

  2. Michael says:

    I know that. Yet it remains that the “the web’s largest atheist forum” is all about……memes. Oh, the irony.

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