Demonstrating that New Atheists are Indeed Ignorant of Basic Theology

The title of this blog entry should say it all.  So let me proceed.  One day after Easter, Jerry Coyne writes:

Granted, testing things like the Resurrection is difficult since they’re one-off claims (indeed, that’s why Christianity ultimately rests on that claim rather than other scriptural claims that can be easily refuted), but science has already tested and refuted other religious claims……

See?  Christianity ultimately rests of the Resurrection because that way Jerry Coyne and his allies can’t easily test it.  Yep, that’s right.  He’s got our number!  The core Christian belief became the core Christian belief simply because the early Christians knew it would resist scientific testing 1000’s of years later.  That’s the only reason why we Christians rest our faith on this event.  It’s all about thwarting the evil scientists.

A little clue to any New Atheists out there.  When Christians read assertions like that, how can you blame them for thinking New Atheists are ignorant of theology?

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1 Response to Demonstrating that New Atheists are Indeed Ignorant of Basic Theology

  1. Bilbo says:

    Hmmm, the day before Jerry said that it was “factually incorrect” to claim that Jesus rose from the dead. Now he says that such a claim if difficult to test. So how does he know that it is factually incorrect? Psychic?

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