Tweety Dawk

Dawkins Hates on religious people at Twitter:

Er, not so fast there,  Richard.  I know you need to blame religion for all evil, but the people who call you racist seem to be secular progressives, the people who call you sexist are the feminists and their allies in the A+ movement, and the people who call you strident are the atheist “accomodationists.”

As for this “faith-head,” I have answered your “arguments” and your acolytes don’t seem capable of answering me.  Did you really think your “science has shown it is really, really unlikely that God exists” argument was unanswerable?

He tweets some more:

How sad.  How pathetic.  The 73-year-old leader of the New Atheist Movement has become so bored with science that he’d rather spend his time tweeting by call people names and counting his followers.

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4 Responses to Tweety Dawk

  1. ChazIng says:

    When you have no evolutionary purpose in life, tweeting takes on new meaning.

  2. heddle says:

    Spot on. Those calling him sexist are the Pharynguloids, or at the very least they trace their lineage back to the land of the PZ. The fun thing to watch is PZ walking barefoot on broken glass. Dawkins is his idol, but his flying monkeys have soured on the old, white, privileged Mr. Dear Muslima. How to keep the legions of fans (which requires keeping his own privilege under the radar) while at the same time not alienate his hero? I dunno, it’s hard!

  3. Michael says:

    Not to mention that he is also probably counting on Dawkins to help him sell some books this summer. On the one hand, there are his Feminist Principles. On the other, there is good old capitalist greed. Hmmm. Which one one will win out?

  4. Crude says:

    He has to be feeling mighty defensive to be tweeting this. Also, what’s this “our arguments”?

    I also like how he seems to think that if someone is an atheist, they absolutely must believe that all the arguments for theism fail and are wrong and, etc. Back to the old “I’m not an atheist, that would be me making a positive claim, which I fear. But I’m 6.9999~ on the 1 to 7 scale so I’m an agnostic and open-minded’ routine.

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