Peter Singer Should Be Proud

Peter Singer is an atheist philosopher and a professor at Princeton University. According to Wikipedia:

Similar to his argument for abortion, Singer argues that newborns lack the essential characteristics of personhood—”rationality, autonomy, and self-consciousness”[26]—and therefore “killing a newborn baby is never equivalent to killing a person, that is, a being who wants to go on living.”[27]

Religious critics have argued that Singer’s ethic ignores and undermines the traditional notion of the sanctity of life. Singer agrees and believes the notion of the sanctity of life ought to be discarded as outdated, unscientific and irrelevant to understanding problems in contemporary bioethics.[28]

Peter Singer should be proud, as a member of the Educated Class – a physician, has adopted Peter Singer’s philosophy:

You can watch on online documentary of Peter Singer’s atheistic views play out here:
3801 Lancaster


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2 Responses to Peter Singer Should Be Proud

  1. apollyon911 says:

    Note the complete lack of coverage by the MSM?
    Peter Singer is actually being consistent with his atheism…this is where it leads…

  2. stcordova says:

    PZ Myers has somewhat defended Gosnell and the May 8, 2013 edition of the Wall Street Journal has an article by James Taranto that takes issue with PZ. It might be worth taking a look. The Discovery Institute is also now weighing in on the Gosnell case.

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