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Egg on their Faces

Jerry Coyne was not the only scientist to express his crackpot concerns about Francis Collins’ appointment to head the NIH four years ago. He had help from his New Atheist allies: As someone who believes that our understanding of human … Continue reading

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Getting it Wrong

Four years ago to this date, Jerry Coyne attacked Francis Collins, opposing his nomination to head the NIH: I am funded by the NIH, and I’m worried. Not about my own funding (although I’m a heathen cultural Jew), but about … Continue reading

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New Atheism as an Embarrassment to Atheists

It is becoming increasingly obvious that the New Atheists are a fringe movement of extremists and crackpots. We can tell because there are many atheists and secular humanists who do not embrace the movement, but instead seek to distance themselves … Continue reading

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New Atheists Attack Academic Freedom

It looks like the New Atheists have taken their intolerance to a new level and have come out against academic freedom: The Freedom From Religion Foundation, whose mission is to act as an umbrella for those who are free from … Continue reading

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Gnu Talking Point on Fire

There has been another night of rioting in Sweden, causing the police to seek reinforcements. Recall that Gnu activist, Jerry Coyne, uses Sweden as an example of Gnutopia: “A researcher called Gregory Paul constructed a test of 25 indices that, … Continue reading

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Gnutopia on Fire

We’re told that it’s almost a paradise over there in the West European province of Gnutopia. Yeah, right: Unrest in Stockholm’s suburbs continued for a fourth night as rioters showed their anger over a police shooting a week ago by … Continue reading

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Change The World!

I don’t pay much attention to PZ Myers these days, as he seems rather irrelevant. For example, there was a time when his blog entries would routinely net 100s of comments. But after checking out his blog recently, they seem … Continue reading

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No need for redemption?

Michael Aus is apparently someone who has gone from fundamentalist Christian to fundamentalist Atheist. He has convinced himself that acceptance of evolution must entail a denial of Christianity. Here is the argument that has apparently convinced him: “Which core doctrines … Continue reading

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Why are New Atheists So Intolerant?

So why are New Atheists so intolerant? First, it is crucial to remember that New Atheists are more than mere atheists. They are anti-religious atheists. It’s more accurate to think of the Gnus as anti-religionists than atheists. Second, the anti-religious, … Continue reading

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More Gnu Intolerance

Jerry Coyne is upset again: Dr. Benjamin Carson, a Seventh-Day Adventist neurosurgeon at Johns Hopkins, and also an outspoken young-earth creationist, was invited to give the commencement address at Midwestern State University in Wichita Falls, Texas…….Yes, Carson worked his way … Continue reading

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