New Atheism in Action

I told you New Atheism was rooted in emotion, not reason. Watch this atheist present all the standard Gnu talking points in his “debate” with the Christian. It begins with the atheist saying he wants to put Christians in prison. But my favorite comes at about 3 minutes, when he says “You have no redeeming features whatsoever and the only reason we allow you to live is because we don’t stoop to your level.” Dawkins and Coyne must be proud of their student:

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20 Responses to New Atheism in Action

  1. TFBW says:

    Poor guy. That’s some serious hurt he’s got going on there.

  2. ChazIng says:

    That was a skit right?

  3. eveysolara says:

    Cocaine is a helluva drug

  4. Bilbo says:

    I’m wondering what campus this was at. It reminds me a little of Berkeley.

  5. Bilbo says:

    Yep, I think it’s Berkeley.

  6. stcordova says:

    “Poor guy. That’s some serious hurt he’s got going on there.”

    You are a better man than I for showing compassion on him. I’d be inclined to say society is better off without such frikin losers. He reminds me of people I’ve encountered on the net over the years. I no longer have patience to deal with them….

  7. Bilbo says:

    Yeah, what we really need are more card counters.

  8. The Deuce says:

    Well, at least it was educational. I had no idea the Weimar Republic was frickin’ gay heaven.

  9. Bilbo says:

    Okay, Deuce, you got me wondering. First try:

    Munich was the turn of the century center for the emerging libertine Weimar Republic, a time when promiscuity was rampant in every form. It was a sybaritic time that promoted a neo-pagan modernism, strongly antithetical to “bourgeois (middle-class) morality.” It was openly homoerotic, ephebophile, and sado-masochist. It was very much like the American counter-culture that has been evident in the United States since the 1960s. It was nihilistic, communistic, and abhorred nationalism. It viewed itself as avante-garde. (The movie “Cabaret” gives some indication as to Weimar promiscuity.)

    Who the deuce knew?

  10. Karl Grant says:

    You know, I wonder what would happen if somebody pointed out the fact to him that Ernst Röhm, the founder and leader of the SA (the Nazi storm-troopers) and one of the key people that helped Hitler rise to power was openly gay.

  11. stcordova says:

    “Yeah, what we really need are more card counters.”

    Dang right: like Father Fahey, Michael Canjar, Kevin Blackwood, and the Holy Rollers or even the MIT who, after their card counting careers went on to found software companies beneficial to society. If one would rather pal around with screaming doped up nutjobs like the guy in the video versus card counters like us, have at it.

  12. Bilbo says:

    But Sal, you could use your card counting skills as an evagelical tool. Imagine you were there at Berkeley. You could have said to the guy, “Hey! God loves you and has a plan for your life: making money at Blackjack! In a few short lessons, you’ll be able to afford a good pair of running shoes!” Think of the possibilities!

  13. ChazIng says:

    This video has been removed because its content violated YouTube’s Terms of Service.

    Another link states that the video was removed because the content was “designed to harass, bully or threaten” []. The irony.

  14. TFBW says:

    Odd. He seemed to really want the world to hear him at the time.

    Post a link if you find another copy. I want a second chance at hearing his argument about how Christianity is evil because Hitler was a Christian, and, yeah, Stalin was an atheist, but so was Ayn Rand, so that’s okay. I’m paraphrasing from memory, but that was pretty close.

  15. James says:

    I saw another copy posted last night after the one linked from here was taken down. I’ll post the new link when I get home later if it’s still up.

  16. TFBW says:

    Thanks, ChazIng. For the record, the part to which I was alluding is pretty close to the start (around the one minute mark). Here’s the relevant part of the rant.

    [@0:42] Hitler was a Christian! He killed Jews because his f***ing g– his non-existent God told him to. Hitler was a practising Catholic. Hell, I even found on the Internet a picture of a Nazi swastika — it was made by the Nazis — and it had a cross on it. It said, “God is with us,” in German. Yeah, so don’t give me that whole crap about Nazi… you know what? Atheism is apolitical. Stalin was an atheist, but you know who else was an atheist — Ayn Rand — so atheism has got nothing to do with politics, but only about the facts …

    It’s not the worst example of “proof by highly selective association of people and ideas” that I’ve seen from a New Atheist, but it’s one of the clearer ones. The more cautious ones don’t use causal connectives like “so”, as in, “so atheism has got nothing to do with politics,” since that renders the statement an obvious non sequitur. Rather, they simply pile up as much negative association as possible and rely on listener prejudice to finish the job.

    But using Ayn Rand as proof-by-selective-association that atheism is apolitical — in an attempt to counter-balance Stalin, no less? That’s a stretch even without the slip-up of framing it linguistically as a conclusion. She wasn’t apolitical: she was a very particular and quite adamant kind of political. Seriously: tell me with a straight face that Atlas Shrugged is an apolitical book. On top of that, my first association with Ayn Rand isn’t “apolitical”, but rather, “thinks she understands logic but actually hasn’t a clue.” John Galt’s tedious monologue is the only place I’ve seen an argument of the form, “A is A, therefore X.”

    Anyhow, that line actually gave me a LOL moment when I saw it the first time, but I’ve gone and killed the joy with analysis, as I am wont to do.

  17. Atheist says:

    Lol I think it’s pretty obvious that the guy was just trolling.

  18. ChazIng says:

    Hardly, analysis is good, liveleak has the video: and there are multiple copies on youtube (search: “how not to defend atheism”)

  19. Sam says:

    If you have Firefox, and if you have a Firefox add-on called dwhelper, you can just download the video from youtube and have it stored on your hard drive forever. That’s what I did. This rant is too good to be vaporized into nothingness by the Google Guardians.

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