Dawkins is Moved to Tears By….a Machine

Dawkins and Krauss gave an interview to promote themselves and their documentary. For the most part, the interviewer tosses softballs at them, allowing them to preach their message. But the interview gets a little interesting after 20 minutes or so when Krauss and Dawkins begin insisting that science can be spiritual and provide better spirituality than religion.

At 25:40, the interviewer asks them to provide some recent examples from their scientific life where they had such a spiritual experience. Dawkins provides two examples. His examples don’t come from his own research (since he hasn’t done any for decades) nor his area of expertise – evolutionary biology. They don’t even come from biology. So do his examples come from Nature and what science teaches us about Nature?

Nope. Dawkins says he was “moved to tears” when touring the CERN’s Large Hadron Collider and when touring a “large telescope” in Hawaii. And it wasn’t what he saw through the telescope or any CERN data that moved him. It was the telescope itself. It was the Collider itself.
The interviewer asked if he was really moved to tears at the sight of the telescope and Dawkins replied, “A large lump in the throat.”

Dawkins “spiritual moments” didn’t come from Nature itself or something other than Self. It came from him seeing scientific technology. It wasn’t the stars. It was the telescope that choked him up. It’s as if he is close to worshipping Man, getting a lump in the throat from Man’s glorious achievements. In other words, as a scientist, what makes him feel so spiritual is looking in the mirror.

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3 Responses to Dawkins is Moved to Tears By….a Machine

  1. ingx24 says:

    May we suppose that all of this talk of “spiritual feelings” is just shorthand for “electrical impulses coming from such-and-such neurons”? Since, under Dawkins’s misanthropic scientistic worldview, things like “feelings” can’t be allowed to exist.

  2. ChazIng says:

    I’m not sure that his area of expertise is ‘evolutionary biology’ since his PhD thesis was entitled: “Selective Pecking in the Domestic Chick”

  3. Cory C says:

    Beyond pathetic. Dawkins is an a**hat, plain and simple.

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