Atheist Points out Problems with New Atheists

In the psst, I have noted it is important to realize not all atheists are New Atheists. Here is an example of an atheist who is calling out the New Atheists:

Defining your life by volatile antitheism—in other words, clinging to something you don’t believe in—isn’t just annoying, it’s actually pretty backward, and, in some cases, culturally malignant. For a demographic that spits a lot of game about equality and mobility, they sure love lording their “intellect” over anyone who dares to think differently. The atheism subreddit gets off on feeling superior to other people; it’s not about ideas or truth, they’d rather thrive on that faux-scholar buzz. That’s why Dawkins is their fire-and-brimstone pin-up boy. That’s why they screencap Facebook updates from their religious “friends” so they can laugh at all the plebeians from their pretty little perch. There’s no respect or pragmatism, just bottomless, never-ending hate.

Well said. The article has over 1200 comments in reply. If I had the time, I’d wade through some of them, as I suspect I’d find some “interesting” Gnu rants.

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