Here We Go Again

Karen Stollznow is an atheist activist and according to Wiki, “She is a columnist for both Skeptic and Skeptical Inquirer magazines and is host on two different skeptic podcasts. She is a Research Fellow for both the James Randi Educational Foundation and the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry (CSI).”

She has also just recently told of her experience with workplace sexual harassment that went on for several years:

In the early days I looked up to him and was flattered that he seemed to respect my work. I quickly spotted some red flags but I disregarded them. These became too big to ignore, so I called it all off. The rejection was ego shattering to him at first, and then met with disbelief. This was followed by incessant communication of a sexual nature, including gifts, calls, emails, letters, postcards, and invites to vacation with him in exotic places so we could “get to know each other again”. He wouldn’t leave me alone. This wasn’t love. It was obsession. His desperation only increased when I met another man. He continued his harassment as though my boyfriend (who is now my husband) didn’t even exist.

From late 2009 onwards I made repeated requests for his personal communication to cease but these were ignored. He began manipulating the boundaries by contacting me on the pretext of it being work-related. Then came the quid pro quo harassment. He would find opportunities for me within the company and recommend me to television producers, but only if I was nicer to him. One day the company offered me an honorary position that I’d worked hard for, but he warned me that he had the power to thwart that offer. I threatened to complain to his employer, but he bragged that another woman had accused him of sexual harassment previously and her complaints were ignored. According to him, she had been declared “batshit crazy”. Then, he saw me at conferences and took every opportunity to place me in a vulnerable position. This is where the psychological abuse turned physical and he sexually assaulted me on several occasions.

PZ Myers has weighed in to allege, “The accused harasser was Ben Radford.”

Benjamin Radford is a writer and deputy editor for Skeptical Inquirer magazine.

Well, let’s see how this one plays out.

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2 Responses to Here We Go Again

  1. stcordova says:

    Karen was very wise to not even name this predator. Instead the name of Ben Radford was circulated by others after the fact.

    Who can sue her for making such accusations since she didn’t name names. I think her story sounds credible, but from a skeptical standpoint, it can’t be confirmed. So much for science, evidence, and skepticism.

    Which ever way this plays out, it doesn’t speak well of the skeptic community. It’s a lose lose situation for them.

    Here are the scenarios:

    1. the story is true and Ben Radford is the guy, ouch!

    2. the story is false, and this was a carefully orchestrated smear campaign. Ouch!

  2. stcordova says:

    ” This is where the psychological abuse turned physical and he sexually assaulted me on several occasions.”‘

    The one part of her account that sounds unbelievable. In a conference with people around you?

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