The Atheist Wars Go On. And on.

It looks to me like the war between the Establishment Gnus (EGs) and the Social Justice Gnus (SJGs) has only intensified. The SJGs have been feeling harassed, so they strike back by labeling one atheist as mentally ill and they out another atheist as a registered sex offender. And it looks like they have even taken to harassing Michael Shermer through email.

I don’t think we can dismiss such infighting as a bunch of emotional atheists making rash decisions. On the contrary, this looks more and more like something that runs much deeper, to the point where we might have a true schism among the Gnu atheists.

Consider a few facts. This is the week that PZ Myers new book on atheism was published. I noticed his book does not have a blurb from Dawkins, Harris, or even Coyne. Add to this that Dawkins has not tweeted about it and Coyne has not mentioned it on his blog. On Aug 15, Myers, on the other hand, brought a new writer into his FtB – Alex Gabriel.Gabriel is an atheist who, on Aug 6, accused Dawkins of racism.

Now, I say things could get very interesting this Fall. Dawkins will be promoting his book (about himself) and you have to wonder if he will be asked about this. After all, on Oct 20, he will be selling his book with the help of………Michael Shermer.

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2 Responses to The Atheist Wars Go On. And on.

  1. The Deuce says:

    All that’s missing are the talking otters.

  2. I’m actually starting to wonder if another O’Hair situation is developing.

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