I want humanity!

Dawkins again? Dawkins, Dawkins, Dawkins? What can I say? Since his new book about himself is coming out, he has been giving promo interviews everywhere. And given his talent for putting his foot in his mouth, well, you get the picture.

Today, I am reminded of that study which shows that New Atheists tend to be meaner and more narcissistic than non-New Atheists.

Andrew Anthony recently published a piece after interviewing Dawkins about his new book:

Dawkins seems determined in both the memoir and our interview to present a calm, conciliatory side to his character that has not always been associated with his public image. Later the photographer, Andy Hall, will tell me that Dawkins requested to look at the screen on Hall’s camera to see what he had captured during the shoot. “You’ve made me look too harsh,” complained the biologist.

Hall told him he was merely giving him appropriate gravitas.

“I don’t want fucking gravitas,” Dawkins snapped. “I want humanity.”

Now this seemingly trivial incident is very informative, for Dawkins comes across like some pampered Hollywood celebrity obsessed with their fame and how they are perceived by the public. He actually gets mad because he does not think his public image in being served by a photograph. It’s almost as if he is exclaiming, “Why you fool! I AM gravitas, what I need is humanity! Now do it right, little man!” Pride, anger and narcissism all packaged in one simple little incident.

Furthermore, this incident shows I am right when I contend that Dawkins’s public image is one that Dawkins had tried to carefully control over the years. If he is so obsessed with one photo from one interview, imagine what other aspects of his public image he tries to carefully control.

Anyway, there is other good stuff in Anthony’s interview, so you might want to check it out.

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One Response to I want humanity!

  1. TFBW says:

    Speaking of his book, if you lack the time or intestinal fortitude to read it, you may still find this condensed paraphrase of it entertaining.

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