The Story Keeps Changing

Richard Dawkins continues to tell his story – the story without any evidence. And the story continues to change:

And my feeling is, if I had taken the 15 seconds of unpleasantness that happened to me at school, and tried blow that up as if it was the worst thing that every happened to me – terrible experience – that would be an insult to the people who really did suffer the terrible experience. So, far from trivializing child abuse, it was precisely the opposite. It would have been trivializing it if I had made a vociferous complaint about what happened to me, rather than being realistic about it. Because it was only 15 seconds, about, and it didn’t have any lasting effect on me.

But just a few weeks ago, 15 seconds was half-a-minute:

No, no and no. To have done so would have been to belittle and insult those many people whose lives really were blighted and cursed, perhaps by year-upon-year of abuse by a father or other person who was deeply important in their life. To have done so would have invited the justifiably indignant response: “How dare you make a fuss about the mere half minute of gagging unpleasantness that happened to you only once, and where the perpetrator was not your own father but a teacher who meant nothing special to you in your life. Stop playing the victim.

So first he was nine, then ten, then eleven. First it was 30 sec and now it is 15 sec. If Dawkins keeps telling this story for another year or two, this will have happened when he was 18 and he had to endure a 2 sec touch. Odd how the story keeps getting more….”mild.”

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