No Evidence Needed

As we all know, militant atheist Jerry Coyne has a history of saying one thing while doing the other. Recently, he posted a blog entry entitled, “A lovely post from a Christian” and the entry was filed under “Christians behaving badly.” It appears he received a comment on a previous blog entry and he decided to turn that comment into a new blog entry. The comment he says he received was this:

God Almighty Father of ALL Creation and His Son Jesus, first begotten will share with you all that you have ever thought, said, or done when you stand in Judgement on the LAST DAY . look around you oh foolish one’s and tell me there is no SON OF GOD KICKING THIS PLANET AND IT’S NON BELIEVING PEOPLES ASS!!! Truly you shall be judged yea Antichrists , for there shall be many non believers in the end times. One more thing God Almighty OWNED THE GREEK INFERIOR GODLETTE’S!!!

Coyne comments:

I love that ”God Almighty Greek OWNED THE GREEK INFERIOR GODELETTE’S!!!”, with the possessive. That, of course, refers to the famous Mencken quote that started of my piece.

Perhaps this is a joke, but I don’t think so.

Do people really think that this kind of rant can turn us into Christians? Or are they just puffing themselves up?

Note that for about a nanosecond, the scientist part of Coyne’s brain asserts itself – “Perhaps this is a joke…” But immediately, the activist part of his brain takes over – “but I don’t think so.” I don’t think so? Does Coyne provide the slightest shred of evidence to dismiss the possibility of a “joke?” Nope. Does he have ANY evidence that a Christian sent that message to him? Nope. But that did not stop him from insisting this was sent by a Christian, now did it? So the man who preaches about the need to be led by the evidence doesn’t give a damn about evidence when it comes to his precious activism.

Look, the internet is full of hoaxers. What’s more, it is not uncommon for atheists on the internet to impersonate Christians in order sustain and propagate the negative stereotypes they thrive on. Coyne should know this. Just a mere three days prior to posting the comment, Coyne wrote another blog entry (curiously not tagged as “atheists behaving badly”) helping to give publicity to an atheist impersonating Roy Comfort:

Apparently Comfort’s account is still hacked, and an atheist is posting the tw**ts there. He’s doing a good job of imitating Comfort, but making his statements just a bit too bizarre to be real–even for Ray. The commenters below make a good case that Comfort hasn’t regained control of his site yet.

So why does Coyne want everyone to believe a Christian, “behaving badly,” sent him that comment? I can’t say for sure, but it looks like he was trying to stir up some good ol’ anti-religious hate in the comments section of his blog.

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One Response to No Evidence Needed

  1. cl says:

    Ha ha… too good. Sad thing is, in my experience these sorts of inconsistencies tend to get downplayed or wholly ignored by the average internet atheist. Reminds me of the time PZ nudely asserted a Christian conspiracy in the IRS, with no evidence. I called him on it and provided evidence with my case, and boy you shoulda saw the berating that ensued from the rational, “freethinkers” over there!

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