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Atheists Behaving Badly

As many of us know, a favorite tactic of the atheist blogosphere is to cherry pick stories that put religion, or religious people, in a bad light. A constant, steady stream of such stories helps them to maintain and propagate … Continue reading

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Year in Review: New Atheist Insights

With the year about to end, let’s pause and consider some of the deep insights we have learned from New Atheist leaders in 2013. I consider these defining moments that I will be able to revisit again in the future.

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New Atheists Don’t Want to Believe

Lawrence Krauss, who was unexplainably radicalized to become a New Atheist, gave an interview about his most recent book to a Christian radio show. You can listen to the podcast here, but I simply want to draw your attention to … Continue reading

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Purpose of the day

Russ Douthat caused Jerry Coyne to have another tantrum. There is no need to respond to the whole rant, but this part begs for commentary: Yes, secularism does propose a physical and purposeless universe, and many (but not all) of … Continue reading

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An Empty Pep Talk

PZ Myers gives another one of his New Atheist pep talks. But, as usual, they are just words: Atheists turn to one another — our hope lies in substance and reality, not wishful thinking and delusion, and what we know … Continue reading

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Angry Atheist

Warning: this video is saturated with angry swearing

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Dogmatic Atheists

In the past, I have stressed that we should not stereotype all atheists as New Atheists. Psychologist Leon Seltzer would likely agree with me. Here is something he wrote: The main point I’d like to focus on here is one … Continue reading

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What Would Make Peter Boghossian Believe?

In his book that teaches atheists how to proselytize for atheism, activist Peter Boghossian writes: Once they’ve given their response [to the question, what would it take for them to disbelieve?], I thank them. If they’ve asked me what it … Continue reading

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An Encore Presentation of the Dawkins-Boghossian Show

Well, Christmas time is upon us and I’ll likely to be too busy to post a new entry until afterward. So I thought I would put the Dawkins interview back on the top of the page since it was such … Continue reading

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More Atheist-As-Victim Drama

Time for more dishonest street theater from the New Atheists. Militant atheist Jerry Coyne is once again trying to play the “atheist-as-victim” card with a blog entry entitled, Local park district, then library, reject $3000 donation because it came from … Continue reading

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