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If we could only get rid of religion, the world would be a much better place. Such is the delusional thinking of the New Atheist. And such was the thinking of the atheistic communists. Y’see, the most destructive force in human history has been atheistic communism. Untold millions died and suffered because of this bankrupt worldview. Today, we can survey the devastating effects of this philosophy by considering Cuba. According to Wiki:

Originally more tolerant of religion, Cuba began arresting many believers and shutting down religious schools after the Bay of Pigs Invasion, its prisons since the 1960s being filled with clergy.[54] In 1961 The Cuban government confiscated Catholic schools, including the Jesuit school Fidel Castro had attended. In 1965 it exiled two hundred priests.[55]

The Communist Party of Cuba defines one of its aims as “the gradual overcoming of religious beliefs by materialistic scientific propaganda and the cultural advancement of the workers.”[48] From 1976 to 1992, the Constitution of Cuba contained a clause stating that the “socialist state…bases its activity on, and educates the people in, the scientific materialist concept of the universe”. In 1992, the Communist Party of Cuba has allowed religious believers to join.[48] Since the fall of the Soviet Union, Cuba has amended its statutes to declare itself a “secular state” rather than atheistic.

Michael Totten recently visited Cuba and writes about his experiences.

Here are just a couple of excerpts:

Trust me: you would not want to live there, especially not on a ration card and the government’s twenty dollar maximum salary. Not that additional money would do you much good. Where would you spend it? Not even in the slums of Mexico have I seen such pitiful shops. They are not even shops. They are but darkened caverns on the ground floor which stock a mere handful of items that could be scooped up and placed in one box.
That is the real Havana, and it is soul-crushing. Life there is a brutal scramble for scraps to survive amidst ruins. The city looks like it was hit by an epic catastrophe…and it was.

The only hope is escape.


“The Committees for the Defense of the Revolution,” Eire said, referring to the network of neighborhood spies, “are the gatekeepers for everything, especially for the future of everyone’s children. One bad report and your child’s life can be ruined—which means that instead of living in the fifth circle of hell like everyone else, they will have to live in the thirteenth circle which is deeper than anything Dante ever imagined. Then there is the colossal apparatus of State Security. At least with the CDRs you know who your neighborhood spy is, but the State Security operatives infiltrate everything, everywhere, especially the workplace. And they can turn anyone’s life into a nightmare with the snap of their fingers.”
He says the worst thing about the CDR spies is that they don’t even work for the government. They volunteer to rat out their neighbors for an extra handful of beans every month. “It is literally citizen spying on citizen,” he said. “I’ve heard of cases of a brother snitching on a brother, or a son snitching on a father. Once the regime comes to an end, things in Cuba are going to get ugly and bloody, especially with and against those CDR bastards. If I were a father living in Cuba trying to feed my family and had the CDR make my life a living hell every time I happened upon a black market piece of meat, or milk for my children, you can bet your ass that the first guy I’m coming for once the government goes down is that CDR SOB that’s been snitching on me for years. People are always talking about reconciliation when it comes to Cuba, how Cubans outside of the island are going to have to reconcile with Cubans still on the island. There will, of course, be some of that. But the real reconciliation needed will be between those ‘haves’ like the CDRs and the ‘have nots.’”


Figueroa’s black and white images of Cuba’s vanished middle class are as sad as they are arresting. An entire class of people—my class—was murdered, imprisoned, forced into exile, or forced into poverty. Fidel Castro didn’t only destroy Havana’s buildings. He destroyed the lives of the people who live in them.

I encourage you to read the whole article. It is long, but very well written. It will help you “feel” the evil, dreadful nature of atheistic communism.

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