An Encore Presentation of the Dawkins-Boghossian Show

Well, Christmas time is upon us and I’ll likely to be too busy to post a new entry until afterward. So I thought I would put the Dawkins interview back on the top of the page since it was such a nice Christmas present to us all. Recall that from 12:30 – 15:30, you can see Dawkins public admit that nothing could count as evidence for God’s existence.

There are some other tidbits you might want to check out.

From 0:20 – 2:30, Dawkins gets praised and praised, showing us once again the religious dimension that is beginning to define New Atheism. Boghossian himself says he was moved to tears by all the adulation Dawkins was getting.

17-00 – 18:55 is comedy classic, as Dawkins and Boghossian come across as if they are starring in a sequel to the movie Idiocracy. It starts with Dawkins telling us that “God can’t mess with pi” and he appears like he is lost about half-way through. The expression on Boghossian’s face is priceless, as he seems to be zoning out. Then, at 17:45, Boghossian responds in a way that kind of confirms this and literally made me LOL when I first heard it. Boghossian takes over and himself begins to ramble, looking as if he too is getting lost while trying to sound smart. Then, at 18:55 Dawkins’s reaction is unintentionally hilarious. Even the sympathetic audience can’t help themselves.

Skip ahead to 33:35. Dawkins is back to telling stories, this time about a supposed biology teacher in Florida. According to Dawkins, she was teaching evolution, one student was offended and told her parents, her parents complained to the Principal, and the Principal then dressed down and scolded the teacher and told her not to teach evolution anymore. Is there any evidence this actually happened? I searched with Google and could not find anything about it (admittedly it was hard to search given the lack of details Dawkins provides). It sounds like an urban legend to me.

Finally, from 37:00 – 39:50, it looks like Dawkins will be reading Sam Harris’s upcoming book on atheist spirituality, as Dawkins goes on about wanting to try LSD before he dies.

Anyway, Merry Christmas everyone.

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  1. Bilbo says:

    Mike, did you just post a cat video?

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