Another New Year

Even though this blog has been around since 2009, I rarely updated it for most of its life. And when I did, I primarily expressed my annoyance with the misuse of science as some type of weapon against religion and explained how evolution, even the most rigorous non-teleological version one could imagine, posed no problem for Christianity. But things changed in March of 2012. Ever since then, I have updated this blog on a fairly regular basis, the readership has grown, and I have primarily focused on the New Atheists. So why the change?

Simple. Back in March 2012, I became aware of the Reason Rally and Dawkins publicly advocating that religious believers be denigrated. It became clear there was an Anti-Religious Movement. And that’s significant. For example, there are a bunch of web pages out there that advocate astrology. Who cares? But if there was some type of Astrology Movement that sought to denigrate non-astrologers, and this movement was being led by popular authors and web sites, along with various members within academia, I would take notice. And the same thing applies to the atheists. Atheists are entitled to their opinions, but when they form a movement that seeks to denigrate religious people in a culture that is becoming increasingly secularized, you get my attention. Since there is a real anti-religion movement out there, ignoring it doesn’t seem to be an option, as there is a decent chance someone I know and care about might eventually come to me parroting a New Atheist talking point. How shall I respond?

I decided to plug into the debate and remain knowledgeable and up-to-date about the movement and its arguments. That way, if someone I care about does come to me spouting some New Atheist talking point, I will be better informed and prepared. As just one example, if someone comes to me making Dawkins “science shows that God’s existence is really, really unlikely” and “there is no evidence for God” arguments, I’m equipped to help that person understand the context of these arguments.

I think it important that people understand the New Atheists are not simply a bunch of scholars, scientists, and skeptics who dare to question religion. That’s the illusion the movement tries to sell. It’s important to see those arguments through the prism of the movement, as those who sell the talking points are activists and apologists with a hateful agenda.

Because of spending time on this blog, if I encounter the movement’s talking points coming from the mouths of friend or family, I think I am better able to help them see that atheism is a subjective opinion and New Atheism comes with a mean-spirited and intolerant agenda. If they want go down that road, I cannot stop them. But I can help make it clear than any decision to walk that road is not born from reason and some “commitment to evidence.”

So this is not an anti-atheism blog nor is it a Christian apologetics blog. This is a blog that keeps a critical eye on the New Atheist movement and focuses on the narrative the New Atheists are trying to spread and entrench. And while the New Atheists are a fringe minority who occupy the extreme ends of the spectrum, they do have allies and sympathetic ears in mainstream media and academia (the major opinion shapers of our culture). So my main reason for posting is to help myself and others to better understand the New Atheist movement and its narrative.

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One Response to Another New Year

  1. stcordova says:

    Happy New year Michael, and a belated Merry Christmas. I’ve enjoyed reading this blog over the last year.

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