More Coyne Logic

From the essay where Coyne attacks Dennett:

I had a discussion with someone yesterday: a smart person who hadn’t ever considered the consequences of determinism for agency, but was immediately resistant to the idea that she could not have chosen otherwise. Even Nobel Laureate Steve Weinberg, a determinist if there ever was one, was resistant to the idea that he could not have chosen otherwise at a given moment

Four paragraphs later:

I am saddened by the many rifts in the atheist community, but this one saddens me the most. Dan’s tone in his original paper was peremptory and snide, and that was unnecessary……there was no need for snideness and authority-pulling.

Er, Jerry……“he could not have chosen otherwise.” Why are we supposed to believe in such hardcore determinism when even Jerry Coyne refuses to act as if was true? Such hypocrisy. Of course, Coyne could respond, “I had to attack Dan – my genes and environment made me do it. But then again, there is no “me.””

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2 Responses to More Coyne Logic

  1. Ilíon says:

    Exactly. Even the loudest deniers of free-will do not for a minute believe a word of what they assert. Rather, this is what their denial of the agency/freedon of the will is about — “[Harris] is not alone among scientists in coming to the conclusion that the ancient idea of free will is … also a major obstacle to social reform.

    They want to convince (*) people (especially the rulers) that they are not free, so as to change society in some way that no one would ever agree to directly.

    (*) Which act is impossible unless we are free.

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    You must read this post. You can not choose otherwise. See?

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