Gnu Atheists are Easily Hoodwinked

Hemant Mehta, the Gnu Atheist activist who misleading sells himself as the “Friendly Atheist,” recently posted a blog entry entitled, Another Dramatization of a Message Written on a Christian Forum. He writes:

Brilliant: An actor dramatically reads a comment from a Christian forum:

Here is what he posted.

Oh, my. Since Gnu atheists suck at critical thinking, this is going to be too easy.

Two simple questions for Hemant:

1. Is there any evidence that the person who wrote that is a Christian?
2. What Christian forum was this comment originally posted on?

Hemant, the man who claims to be guided by reason and evidence, never pauses for the briefest of moments to consider those two basic questions. Yet anyone who values critical thinking would have immediately asked them. Add it up, people.

Since I value critical thinking, I will try to answer them. I’ll start with #2.

When you go to the YouTube page that hosts the video, you will find the source mentioned. And here is the source of the comment.

So the quote comes from a site infested with atheist trolls where the average age of the atheist appears to be 16. And the original source of this comment?

It was posted by “Heavens Janitor” and it was posted on……. Pharyngula. That’s PZ Myers site. Does Hemant really believe PZ Myer’s blog is a “Christian forum?” What’s even worse is that when you clink on the link to Myer’s site, the comment is not even there.

It is clear – There is NO evidence this was ever posted on a Christian forum. In fact, Hemant’s assertion is false – if it was ever posted on anything other than fstdt, it was an Gnu atheist blog.

So that leaves us with question #1. Is there any evidence a Christian wrote this? No. There is none. Zero, zilch, nada. Again and again, we see example after example of Gnu atheist hypocrisy – posturing as if they are led by reason and evidence, but clearly not giving a damn about reason and evidence.

In fact, I would say the evidence points in the opposite direction – an atheist troll, pretending to be a Christian fundie, posts on PZ Myers site to have some fun, while helping The Cause by further perpetuating nasty, clichéd stereotypes about Christians. After all, what is more likely? A hardcore Christian fundamentalist reads and posts on PZ Myer’s hate blog? Or one of PZ’s numerous Gnu fans makes a sock puppet to engage in street theater? What’s more, you’ll notice that in the comment, “bible” is not capitalized. Twice. Who is more likely to not capitalize “Bible?” A hardcore Christian fundamentalist? Or a Gnu atheist troll?

What do we learn from Hemant’s posting? First, we learn that Hemant sucks at critical thinking and is instead nothing more than an activist enslaved to his stereotypes. Because this video confirmed his stereotypes, and helps his Cause, the activist blindly passes on misinformation. And his acolytes lap it up like faithful little pups.

Second, his post helps explain why it is that Gnu atheists think they are so smart when they are not. Picture in your mind some Gnu atheist drone staring at his/her computer screen and watching that video. They think they are watching a dramatization of some Christian (some might even think the actress herself is the Christian) and come away thinking how dumb she is, so therefore, how much more smarter they are. Yet in all likelihood, the Gnu drone is being conditioned by an illusion – another Gnu troll created a false reality to help program the other Gnu’s in the hive. And that is the state of modern day atheism.

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8 Responses to Gnu Atheists are Easily Hoodwinked

  1. lotharson says:

    I think that this video is most likely a fake, I cannot imagine (at least from my European perspective) a Christian woman speaking like this.

    As for Mehta, you might be intersted by my review of his debate with Randal Rauser:

    Fundamentalists are a shame for Christianity, and anti-theist are a shame for atheism.
    What we need are reasonable and rational conservations.


  2. lotharson says:

    These people needs to be debunked.

  3. 9lives says:

    Lol! Mehta just got PWN’d!

  4. lotharson says:

    PWN’d? Could you help my poor English understanding? 🙂

  5. 9lives says:

    Just google it.

  6. TFBW says:

    Using’s Wayback machine, it seems that the original comment was indeed posted on Pharyngula, August 24, 2009. Such sites have a long and rich tradition of people posting parody comments, and others attacking the parody as though it were the real deal. The practice of producing such parody is common enough to have its own jargon: “a Poe”.

    So, is “Heavens Janitor” a Poe or the real deal? It’s hard to say for sure — that’s the point of the exercise, after all — but numerous participants on that thread are calling “Poe”: see comments #231, #232, and #234 for example. I agree: aside from the fact that Poes are almost certainly more common than the real deal, Michael’s observations about proper noun capitalisation are further supported by the other comments posted by “Heavens Janitor”, who routinely leaves “bible” and “christian” uncapitalised. In fact, nearly everyone but “Heavens Janitor” capitalises “Christian” in that thread. It’s one thing for a stereotypical fundie to be ignorant of science-related matters and have atrocious spelling and grammar, but it beggars belief that the grammatical infelicities would extend to the subject held so near and dear.

    Anyhow, while that evidence is far from conclusive (it’s not the sort of question that lends itself to a conclusive answer), it’s definitely not safe to take “Heavens Janitor” at face value. The field is riddled with far too many fakes for that to be a safe approach. Even so, that particular comment about the Big Bang has become something of an atheist meme: it is widely and uncritically reproduced on sites like Fundies Say The Darndest Things (FSTDT), and now Mehta has done his bit to keep the meme alive. Not very “bright”, in my opinion.

    Or perhaps Mehta doesn’t much care whether it’s genuine or not. Maybe that’s something that he should clarify: does he care whether this is a complete forgery? I mean, he didn’t explicitly claim that it was produced by a genuine fundie (although he did say it was written on a Christian forum, which is about as wrong as wrong can be). So what is his purpose in posting this likely farce? Is he just actively promoting mockery? Not very “friendly”, in my opinion.

    So what is it — not bright, or not friendly?

  7. Ouch. Mehta might want to sit down for a bit after that burn.

  8. BenYachov says:

    >PWN’d? Could you help my poor English understanding?

    Phonetically is would be more like “Powened”. It’s a term used in Gaming either Tabletop RPG’s or video games or MMO’s where you totally defeat your enemy. Especially in a BOSS battle.

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