The Theocracy Is Coming!

Professor Ceiling Cat had a hissy fit about the recent Hobby Lobby Supreme Court ruling:

I could go on, but today I’m really afraid for America: afraid that, due solely to our Supreme Court, we are becoming a theocracy.

There they go again. The ever-present bogeyman of The Coming Theocracy(!). Atheists have been screaming about this for decades. Thus, it’s rather amusing to realize we just survived one. Over five years ago, Coyne tells us:

Well, we thought we’d seen the last of the theocracy of George W. Bush, but it apparently ain’t so.

Well, well. It looks to me like a “theocracy” is whatever the fearful atheists want it to be. Coyne is, of course, entitled to his fears and paranoia. But the problem is that such thinking is incompatible with science.

First, the theocracy claim is admittedly rooted in emotion – the emotion of fear. Science is rooted in rational thinking, not emotional fears.

Second, we have no good definition of ‘theocracy.’ According to Coyne, we voted one theocracy out of office. I always thought a true theocracy was a little harder to unseat.

Third, we have no objective test to determine when a theocracy actually exists. This test would have to be something scientists from all over the world could agree on.

So the guy who shakes his finger at others while preaching “science and religion are incompatible” is the same guy whose own thinking on social matters is incompatible with science. It figures.

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6 Responses to The Theocracy Is Coming!

  1. Linuxgal says:

    I’m an atheist, but I wonder what the nation come to when we call it a victory that the court rolled back a federal requirement to force one family to pay for another family’s contraception on religious freedom grounds. What happened to just freedom grounds?

  2. Karl Grant says:

    What I find particularly amusing about this is we usually have internet atheists cowing that they are on the winning side history; that their little secular utopia is just around the corner. Then they act shocked when things don’t go their way; like it is inconceivable they didn’t get what they wanted and now the world’s gonna end. They are like little kids in that regard.

  3. Michael says:


    Excellent observation!

  4. BenYachov says:

    I second Linux gal’s sentiments (even thought I am using an i-mac to do it).

    We should live in a society where if I work for Linux gal I shouldn’t be allowed on principle to force her against her will and beliefs(or lack there of) to pay a Stipend donation to a Catholic Priest to have a Holy Mass said for the souls of my dead relatives.

    I can take the hypothetical money she pays me to do my job and find my own Priest and leave her out of it.

    In a like manner if this hypothetical situation is reversed then I fully expect her not to force me to provide her with Health Insurance that pays for her used of Birth Control. She should be allowed to use the money I pay her to buy her own rider to that insurance or go to TARGET lay down $9 a month for BC pills. Leave me out of it.

    As Eve said to Adam “Why is this hard”?


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  6. Dhay says:

    Don’t forget Stenger, who in the March 17, 2012 “God issue” of New Scientist, said, “I would like to comment on the folly of faith. When faith rules over facts, magical thinking becomes deeply ingrained and warps all areas of life. It produces a frame of mind in which concepts are formulated with deep passion but without the slightest attention paid to the evidence. Nowhere is this more evident than in the US today, where Christians who seek to convert the nation into a theocracy dominate the Republican party.”

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